Toni Ribas Is Evil!

16.04.2015 | Los Angeles, California, USA — Evil Angel has announced the signing of its newest pornographer. The prestigious studio will be the home of seasoned adult filmmaker/performer Toni Ribas starting May 20, when he makes his Evil Angel debut with “All Stuffed Up.” “I can’t be any more excited to be releasing my movies at Evil,” says the Barcelona native, who has been busy in the XXX industry since 1994.

“I’m still working on my new lines,” reports Ribas, “but I can tell you what I’m looking for in my movies: I like to portray women as beautiful as I can, sensual, sexy and with attitude. Most important is their attitude, how they want to show themselves, how they play for the camera.” Ribas says he wants his Evil Angel videos to be known for “girls looking their best and letting go, just enjoying themselves and putting their sexual fantasies out there for us.”
“Porn is about sex,” declarestoni ribas Evil Angel founder John Stagliano. “Getting good sex is about chemistry between the performers. Tony is a performer who relates well to women.”
Ribas expounds on that chemistry: “When we get to the sex I like to just follow and let them get into it, ’cause I believe the good things just happen and you have to be ready to capture it, especially at this level with the best performers in the biz. I want to see them get lost and be real. I feel that there’s a magic moment when that happens and there’s a connection between the performers. One of the most important things is to match the right people together.”
Stagliano likes what he’s seeing from Ribas. “In his first movie for Evil Angel, performing with his Spanish cohort Ramon Nomar, they excel in explicit double penetration and many other kinky visuals as they lay rough sex on exceptional women. And these women in ‘All Stuffed Up’ are truly exceptional! It takes some real power to keep up with them.” Indeed, Ribas’ Evil premiere presents porn luminaries Bonnie Rotten, Vicki Chase and Carter Cruise looking their best, but lost in lust. Concludes Stagliano, “Toni has experience producing and directing many kinds of movies. His technical skills are outstanding. He is a perfect fit at Evil.”
Ribas feels humble about that fit. “Everyone at Evil is really good at what they do,” he says. “To be a director at Evil is an honor. I have the most respect for all of them and I hope to find my spot among them.” One way is to bring his performance prowess to his product, as he does in “All Stuffed Up,” but he says that in general, “I like to [cast] a variety of talent.”
Ribas arrives at Evil Angel with an impressive adult business resume. In 2001 he started directing for various companies, and after racking up over 100 directing credits, he discusses his influences: “I was lucky to meet Andrew Blake very early in my career, and he was a great inspiration. He gave me great advice and motivated me to go to cinema school. I admire how he could make the girls look their absolute best. From Patrick Collins I learned a lot also. Patrick has a gift to make girls comfortable with their sexuality and get them to explore and do things for him. And John Stagliano, I can still now remember clearly when I saw one of his movies for the first time, and [thought] OK, this is what it’s about, the intention. He masters the perversion of the mind, what we really want to see, and this applies to what I want to do. Blake makes them look pretty; Collins creates a climax and gets them to let go for the camera; and John has the intention, the perversion.”
Ribas estimates ribas logothat he’s performed in between 2000 and 3000 scenes (“Good times!”) since losing his on-camera virginity at 18 in a Spanish production called “Venganza Sexual” (“Sexual Revenge”). “I was studying and doing random jobs when I saw an ad looking for girls for a porn movie, and I said to myself, ‘What the fuck?! I want in!’ They actually had the guys already, so I wasn’t selected, but the morning of the shoot — that was a Sunday morning, they called me at 8:00 a.m. to see if I could go ’cause they lost the guys.” He laughs, “I [had gone] to sleep at 7:00 a.m. — 18 years old, you know. So I went there and did three scenes that day, [taking on] the main role of the movie and starting my career from there.”
His career has come a long way. Since 2012 he has been married to porn superstar Asa Akira. And now Toni Ribas is Evil Angel’s newest director.