The world of Dream Toys


26.06.2018 | Axel, The Netherlands – Tonga BV’s Master brand Dream Toys has been around for over a decade and is renowned for its variety of labels. Menzst21374uff, RealStuff, and Blaze are perfect examples of products which target a more specific audience while Purrfect Silicone and Sashy Rechargeable vibrators are geared towards the female market. Tonga is now ready to launch its latest line simply called Dream Toys. It comprises four to five different categories with labels such as GoodVibes, Bootyful and Pleasure Balls & Eggs.

The Dream Toys collection offers a total of 28 new products suitable for the mainstream market. Most of the products in this collection are made of body safe silicone, are USB rechargeable and provide a perfect toy for any occasion. The Sexy Empress from the GoodVibes range has a sleek design, feels soft to touch and has a clever cutout which makes the toy easy to handle. It has a powerful motor, nine vibrations patterns, is waterproof and comes with a USB charger. The Sexy Empress has a slightly curved shaft for easy G-Spot stimulation.

The Pleasure Balls and Eggs collection introduces the Beehive rechargeable Egg. This “pretty in pink” product is remote controlled, has an impressive motor, nine vibration patterns and is waterproof. It holds a weighted ball for extra stimulation and has a ribbed design to add more pleasure. The remote control can go up to ten meters allowing enough playroom and is battery operated. The Kegel exercise set, containing three different weighted balls, is a great addition to the Pleasure Balls and Eggs collection and are designed in a teardrop shape with a retrieval cord for easy handling.

Holding two dynamic motors, the ergonomically designed Booty Rocker from the Bootyful collection is perfect for anal play. Both men and women can use the Bootyful, and the motors are individually controlled. Its rocking movements allow for extra P-Spot stimulation. This Bootyful toy has nine vibrating patterns and nine rocking modes.

The Dream Toys collection has been packaged in sturdy boxes with an integrated hanger for easy displaying and offers retailers a significant margin. A printed cheat sheet is visible on the outside of the box which is easy for in-store personnel, and quick start manual guides all toys.

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