The Sexy Six

Wasserbillig,Luxembourg – The secret is unveiled: the trade can look forward to five new lubricants and one new med spray from pjur group. “The feedback from our clients, both in the b2b and b2c segments, has had great influence on the development of these new products. On top of that, our international distribution network enabled us to see certain trends that we are catering to with our new items now. One product the trade should look forward to in particular is the new pjur Woman Nude as it is completely free of additives,” says Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur group. “But the other new products are also spectacular, all of them great additions that have been anxiously awaited by many people in the market.” For instance, two new and appealing products will expand the highly popular pjur double effect glide line. Then there are two water-based anal lubricants to top off the company’s collection of premium anal glides, and in addition to that, pjur now also offers an aftershave spray that relaxes the skin.

The neutral, water-based pjur Woman Nude caters to a new target audience. Today, more and more people strive to live a more conscious life, looking specifically for products that meet their expectations in this respect. With pjur Woman Nude, the sustainability these people are striving for is now also available for their bedrooms. This lubricant is free of any additives, i.e. it contains neither glycerine, nor parabens or preservatives. All over the world, people recognize “nude” as a term that encapsulates connotations of purity and naturalness, and most women probably know the trendy “nude look” that is based on natural colors in both, clothing and cosmetics. This is also the focal point of pjur Woman Nude: creating a product that is as natural as possible by excluding certain ingredients. “Often, less is more,” the pjur team believes. “We have developed pjur Woman Nude particularly for women who pursue this lifestyle. The neutral formulation makes it perfect for the tender and sensitive female skin.”

Already in 2007, the pjur group introduced the novel double effect glide line, and the collection proved a real top seller. Beloved particularly for the natural ingredients, this product line has become extremely popular among consumers from many cultures and countries, a fact that is reflected in millions of sold items. In order to build on this success and also to present these quality products to new audiences, pjur has developed two new, innovative lubricants.

Firstly, there is the new, water-based pjur espresso, a body glide that revs up the users’ love life with a caffeine kick – but without taste or smell! The idea for pjur espresso was born from a situation that everybody knows: if you feel tired, listless, worn out, a cup of coffee or espresso gives you new power. So pjur took the best the coffee bean has to offer – pure caffeine, free of taste – and from that, they developed pjur espresso. The caffeine in this lubricant has stimulating effects, arousing and exciting the user. pjur espresso is a new way of stimulation: not only does it have long-lasting lubricating properties, but it also gives extra energy, instantly, taste-free – and not only at day!

The second innovation in the collection of tried and tested pjur double effect glides is pjur Cool. The water-based lubricant is not just another cold gel the likes of which are well known in the market. Instead, the clever use of menthol creates a unique sensual experience for the user. The exciting mixture of heated love play and stimulating coolness proves once again that opposites attract each other. “People love Ying and Yang or chili and chocolate. pjur Cool fits right in there, and anybody who loves the interplay of contrasts or likes to experiment will be thrilled by this product,” explains Alexander Giebel.

pjur also presents additions to their successful anal glide collection. Until now, the premium lubricant producer has offered the reliable pjur Backdoor glide and pjur analyse me! glide in this category, both of which are on silicone basis. pjur’s water-based lubricants had not been developed with anal intercourse in mind, but now, pjur closes this gap with their new anal lubricants pjur Backdoor Comfort Glide and pjur analyse me! Comfort Glide. These lubricants are produced on water basis, with the addition of hyaluronan to create comfortable lubricating properties without silicone. Hyaluronan can bind large volumes of water which results in small water cushions that support the lubricating effect. “Some people are uncomfortable using silicone lubricants, others simply prefer products on water basis. In order to cater to that group, we decided to close the gap in our range,” Alexander Giebel explains.
All of the new pjur lubricants live up to the quality standards the users have come to expect from this brand, they are taste- and odorless, they have been dermatologically tested and approved, and they are suited for use with latex condoms.

The sixth new product pjur introduces to cater to the users’ demands is pjur med After Shave Spray, a spray for everybody who has skin irritations after shaving. “Many customers who use our pjur med Clean Spray for their intimate area asked us specifically for a product that would help relax the skin after shaving. Now, pjur med After Shave is our response to all these requests,” says Alexander Giebel. Shaving the armpits and pubic area on a daily basis often results in hyper-sensitive skin, and that can cause irritations and little buttons. pjur med After Shave Spray was developed to counter that. Like all pjur products, it contains neither alcohol nor perfumes, so there is no burning sensation when you use it. Instead, it relaxes and nurtures these areas of skin.

“With our new products, we can now close a couple of gaps in the market,” explains Alexander Giebel. “They represent additions to our tried and true top sellers. So while appealing to new target audiences, they also represent perfect additions to our existing range of top sellers, and they are particularly suitable to be sold in bundles, for instance.”

All the new lubricants are available in 30 and 100ml bottles, and the anal lubricants pjur Backdoor Comfort Anal Glide and pjur analyse me! Comfort Anal Glide also come in bigger 250ml bottles. The pjur med After Shave Spray is available in practical 100ml bottles.
These new additions to the pjur collection and a diverse range of marketing materials are available for order as of now from your pjur suppliers, and they can also be ordered directly at

Furthermore, pjur has produced new product videos for pjur Woman Nude, pjur Cool, and pjur espresso that are as creative as they are informative. Every store, web shop, or website should use these modern marketing tools. The charming little clips demonstrate the product qualities by showing everyday situations and they make quite the impression without burdening the trade with high costs.

The first shipments from pjur will be available in mid-May, but since these products are already being presented and sold at industry shows all over the world, the trade shouldn’t wait too long and place their orders right away to make sure they get these new products – so they, too, can benefit from “The Sexy Six”.