The Screaming O Debuts Colorful 2013 Calendar Fun in the Sun All Year Round

The Screaming O takes fans on a new thrill ride each month with the 2013 Official Product Testing Team Calendar featuring vibrant scenes that represent the colorful carefree attitude that the award-winning product line is famous for. Ride the Ferris wheel, surf a big swell, and experience the excitement of the Screaming O lifestyle as the Scream Team Girls pay homage to classic California pastimes with a fresh, easy breezy vibe.

The Screaming O knows how to have fun and the 2013 Official Product Testing Team Calendar shows fans where to find it as the Scream Team Girls catch some rays, ride some waves, and share their favorite ways to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Strap on some roller skates, check out the boardwalk freak show, or take a naughty carnival ride and experience the same thrill fans feel each time they try a new Screaming O.

“The Screaming O evokes a playful sense of excitement with each of our unique sex toy designs and inspires men, women and couples to live life – and their sex lives – to the fullest,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said. “Our 2013 Calendar takes fans along for the ride as the Scream Team Girls spend a day at the boardwalk and celebrate The Screaming O’s carefree lifestyle with a subtle tribute to the classic California dream.”

The 2013 Screaming O Official Product Testing Team Calendar features full-color photography and dynamic scenery that makes each month a new adventure. High-impact point-of-purchase displays and matching merchandising accessories are available to help retailers showcase this unique addition to every store’s Screaming O section.

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