The Pjur ‘Touch Me, Feel Me, Try Me’ Free sample give-away


04.07.2016 | Miami Beach, Florida, USA – Pjur Group USA is in their twenty-first year as the world’s leader in quality personal lubricants. As a part of their continued success, Pjur has initiated an aggressive tip-in campaign intended to compel more consumers to try one or all of their best-selling formulas. Pjur personal lubricants have always provided a unique feel when compared to other brands and end-customers experiencing this singular difference will ultimately lead to them being a long-term Pjur customer.
The Pjur brand enjoys strong sales because the formulas inspire repeat purchases apjurnd celebrates steady sales growth with a constant stream of new customers trying Pjur personal lubricants every day. The Touch Me, Feel Me, Try Me program is a good reason why Pjur retains such a high brand loyalty. Richie Harris, CEO of Pjur Group USA stated, “It is clear, trying a Pjur product is key to the brand’s success around the world. Touch it, feel it, buy it and buy it over and over again.”
Pjur Group USA offers more than twenty personal products registered with the FDA. The Touch Me, Feel Me, Try Me program includes distributing more than 10.000 tip-in cards to wholesalers across the United States.