The next generation of masturbators

07.09.2015 | Almere, the Netherlands – Prepare for one of the most incredible, rechargeable, rotating masturbator pleasure made possible by Pipedream. The Rechargeable Robo-Bator is a turbo powered design that is guaranteed to take you on a very pleasure, hands-free ride. It is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse.

The new Robo-Bator wk36_pb_RotoBator_400x300by Pipedream is an innovative masturbator which features an advanced rotation mechanism that puts a whole new spin on hands-free pleasure. This turbo powered design does all the work for you, allowing you to truly lean back, relax and enjoy the sensational movements. The pleasure provider features 9 thrilling rotation patterns to choose from. Each pattern has its own unique color sequence on the LED-display screen, which adds a contemporary twist to this already great product. The Robo-Bator is USB-rechargeable and has independent controls for functions plus rotation direction.
The Robo-Bator is currently available at Scala Playhouse in the Ass and Mouth interface. Choose your favorite and surrender to the next generation of male masturbation! View them online at Scala Playhouse via