The comeback of Nanma

04.03.2015 |Almere, the Netherlands – Scala Playhouse announced that they have welcomed back Nanma! The brand produces highly functional, high quality adult novelties and always puts the end-users first in its design process. If you want to be introduced to Nanma be sure to visit the brand new booth during the Scala Fair on the 8th and 9th March.

Nanma designs around 1500 production ready items each year and its items are found on every continent of the world, except Antarctica. The brand has a strong focus on quality, and the products are compliant with EU regulations and directives; as Nanma wants to provide end-users with not just fun, but also body-safe and great quality items.
Discover Nanma wk10_Nanma-logo_400x300and their exciting product lines such as Design for Climax at Scala Playhouse. The Design for Climax vibrators are soft touch, high quality silicone vibrators with 10 incredible rhythms, appealing LED-light detailing and sleek shapes. With a product name like Design for Climax, Nanma’s vibes have a clear purpose; have her reach a state of complete and utter ecstasy, over and over again.
Discover Design for Climax and the other exciting Nanma lines this Scala Fair. Make sure to visit the new Nanma booth to get up close and personal with all the exciting products from this high-quality brand. Alternatively, you can also view the new Nanma assortment online at Scala Playhouse via