Thank you for visiting Scala Playhouse at eroFame!

21.10.2016 | Almere, The Netherlands – The eroFame presented the perfect stage to introduce visitors to all our latest releases and we couldn’t be happier with the positive response about our products, brands and amazing booth. During the eroFame 2016 from the 5th to the 7th of October in Hannover, Germany, Scala Playhouse welcomed visitors to its biggest and best eroFame booth to date. Filled with all the latest must-have releases, visitors were introduced to everything Scala Playhouse has to offer.

We are thrilled with all the compliments we received about our newest TOYJOY brand extensions Ladou by TOYJOY and Lil’Berries by TOYJOY. With orders coming in fast, these beautiful toys will soon find their way to consumers’ bedrooms and we are confident will be just as excited about all the innovative, thrilling functions as we are. Visitors to the Scala Playhouse eroFame booth also got the opportunity to browse the latest releases by our valued third-party brands and were assisted by our lovely and experienced Scala Playhouse sales team. Guests were invited to enjoy our hospitality and relax in our beawk41_pb_sign_erofame_400x300utiful booth with a drink and a snack, whilst chatting to friends and new acquaintances. We’re pleased we managed to create a real buzz in our booth and couldn’t have done it without our valued visitors. So for that: ‘Thank you!’At eroFame we re-connected with old friends and got to meet many new prospects. We’re thrilled to build solid working relationships and create new opportunities, for us at Scala Playhouse but also for you: the retailers. We hope we’ve succeeded in showcasing how Scala Playhouse is truly your one-stop-shop; offering everything from drugstore to lingerie and toys, making it your perfect partner for future endeavors. If you have anymore questions about all the amazing products you’ve seen at the Scala Playhouse booth, don’t hesitate to contact your Scala Playhouse Account Manager. Alternatively you can browse all the exciting new releases in the Scala Playhouse assortment via