Stroking satisfaction by Toyjoy Manpower

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10.08.2018 | Wijchen, The Netherlands – The Super Stroker Mix Pack by Toyjoy Manpower is a fantastic value-for-money strokers set, containing six designs for versatile and pleasurable intimate play and is available at SCALA.10465_TRANSPA_02

The quality set includes six different strokers, each with its own unique inner texture. Consumers can experiment with the Wave, Bumb, Web, Spiral, Turbo and Twister; and get swept away by their incredible stimulation. These flexible strokers are made of quality TPE and can be rinsed and re-used, meaning they can be enjoyed over and over again. Each individual stroker also includes a sachet of Toyjoy water based lubricant to add a sensational slippery dimension to intimate fun.

The great thing about the Super Stroker Mix Pack is that the strokers can be sold as a set of six or individually, as each stroker has its own barcode – allowing retailers to mix and match their sales strategy based on their target-audience. It is their choice, whether they are going to make the naughty little strokers appealing up-sell items, or if they are going to seduce their consumers with the whole package.

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