Sportsheets Celebrates 20 Years of Award-winning, Precedent-setting Success

Sportsheets International is commemorating 20 years of outstanding success in business with a rich history filled with prestigious awards, one-of-a-kind product lines, and unparalleled customer service. Starting with the debut of the original Sportsheet bondage bed sheet and followed by landmark milestones, media acclaim, and innovation, Sportsheets’ 20th anniversary will be celebrated with new launches, big plans, and customer specials all year long.

After the Sportsheet first launched in 1988, mainstream media outlets including Penthouse and Men’s Journal recommended the bondage bed sheet to couples across the nation. After Sportsheets officially incorporated in 1993 the company developed a series of product lines that would become must-have retail mainstays synonymous with keeping couples connected – literally and figuratively.

“We started with an idea for an easy-to-use soft bondage tool and now have a lineup of specialty brands designed for couples to enjoy around the world,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “Over the last two decades editors at DetailsGQINC, and TIME (to name a few) all have highlighted or recommended Sportsheets products and with society’s new and excited interest in soft bondage following the recent erotic fiction craze, Sportsheets is perfectly poised to continue bringing couples what they want: better sex!”

To kick off its 20th year, Sportsheets has revamped its signature packaging with a sophisticated and luxurious look that illustrates the quality and refinement that has made it a trusted and popular brand. The new packaging will make its industry debut at the upcoming 2013 ANME Founders Show along with a preview of the company’s newest product releases and merchandising plan-o-grams.

A full-color Sportsheets timeline will be featured in the brand new 2013 catalog and the company’s latest ad campaign to highlight some of the company’s – and the world’s – most memorable and noteworthy events. Check it out this month!

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