Winner 2015 | Susan Colvin, founder, president and CEO of CalExotics

susan-colvin2-300x200In 2015 this award goes susan colvinto a true pioneer of the adult industry, and Susan Colvin has been the head of CalExotics for more than 20 years. Her company is the first of the industry to be founded by a woman, and together with her all-women team of product developers, Susan is constantly presenting new innovations to the market. CalExotics introduced the first vibes in vibrant colours such as pink, purple and many others. Simple concepts like this would create a long list of industry firsts for the company. With a motto that declares: When you win, we win, the company is one-hundred-percent dedicated to the continued success of its customers, and this is something Susan strongly believes in.





Winner 2014 | Wim Bos from Mister B

SignAward_IMG_0978This award honours, in a personal manner, the efforts of specific members of the industry, who have left a lasting impression through their success, and especially their commitment to date. In 2014 it is Wim Bos, who founded Mister B 20 years ago. With homo-fetish articles, the company successfully caters to small but fine niche market. The owner of the company refers to Mister B as his baby, and always gives his best. Apart from this, he not only sees his company from and business point of view, but also from a social perspective, or part of the homosexual community, involving the community respectively.





Winner 2013 | Pipedream Nick Orlandino

nick awardNick Orlandino and Pipedream Products – an alliance that seems to be fused with success within the adult industry, and it is difficult to imagine where Pipedream would be today without him. He joined the company in 1992 and made his mark right from the get-go, to steer them towards success. After a good twenty years he is now a shareholder and runs the everyday affairs of Pipedream Products. He has created countless products that instantly became bestsellers. Nick Orlandino hasn’t yet reached his zenith and is sure to be the talk of the industry time and again, but we have decided to commend him on his unequalled efforts for the industry. That is why he will receive the FOR YOUR LIFE’S WORK IN THE INDUSTRY-AWARD from SIGN.