On this page you´ll find an overview of the
SIGN-AWARD Winners 2014 honoured during the eroFame show in Hanover and the Venus show in Berlin.

Congratulations to the Winners!



Wim Bos from Mister B

This award honours, in a personal manner, the efforts of specific members of the industry, who have left a lasting impression through their success, and especially their commitment to date. In 2014 it is Wim Bos, who founded Mister B 20 years ago. With homo-fetish articles, the company successfully caters to small but fine niche market. The owner of the company refers to Mister B as his baby, and always gives his best. Apart from this, he not only sees his company from and business point of view, but also from a social perspective, or part of the homosexual community, involving the community respectively.



Shots Media

At the eroFame, Shots Media presented a total of four new lines of their own, which was the cause of quite a stir. The diversified assortment of this Netherlands based wholesaler, doesn’t only include well-known brands of their own company, such as Shots Toys, Ouch! and Denamour, but also well-known manufacturers from the rest of the industry, such as Pipedream Products, Rocks-Off, Magic Silk, Doc Johnson, Evolved and many more. Oscar Heijnen and his highly motivated team take on every challenge, and always listen carefully to their customers when it comes to market development and new trends. Offering good service with the best prices and a large selection are the other aims of the company. Shots Media is always active, but especially so in this year, which is why they received the award for BEST EUROPEAN COMPANY 2014.



Pipedream Products

There are a number of companies who try to fulfil the wishes of customers with niche products or in the mainstream sector. But if you research a little into the market place, you will not be able to do so without coming across the winner of this category. For decades this company has created a great combination of innovations, good marketing and top turnover and they are active throughout the world. Whether it’s for mainstream toys made from unusual materials, a wide selection of fetish products or the almost iconographic sex dolls, the industry and the customers know them well. The NOVELTY COMPANY 2014 award winner is Pipedream Products.



FistPowder by Dark Ink

Because of the diversity of the preferences and themes, it is always something special to present an award in the fetish sector. As far as SIGN Magazine is concerned, this year’s HOT PRODUCT is the FistPowder from the French experts for gay fetish products Dark-Ink. The FistPowder is a product that will cause a stir in the lubricant market for the fisting community. For a long time now, lovers of fisting play turned to substitute products, and sometimes products from the food sector. But with FistPowder they now have a certified lubricant that is free from allergens and doesn’t trouble the skin or latex and leather materials.



Dreamtoys by Tonga

As a distributor, developing your own brand and positioning it successfully within your portfolio, is a real challenge. It basically means positioning the right products, in the right place, amongst well-known brands and products that have already been successful in making a name for themselves. With the Dreamtoys collection, Tonga has stood out from the crowd in 2014.



Mystim - Vitamine V

Every year large amounts of new and wild products and toys are introduced to the adult market. This doesn’t make things easy for a jury, because there are a number of products in 2014 that deserve this trophy. But this year’s mini line of three vibrators is electrifying! Electric Eric, Tickling Truman and Sizzling Simon are beautifully shaped vibrators, combined with the thrilling sensation of soft electrical current. Sign Magazine would like to congratulate Mystim for Vitamine V. and the BEST PRODUCT 2014.



Doc Johnson

The general attitude of the company “We bring pleasure to the world”, is in itself, almost enough for an award. At Doc Johnson it is not just a promise, because they are always providing that something extra, with great ideas and products. The BEST ADULT PLEASURE PRODUCTS BRAND 2014 is always dedicated to combining high quality and the best materials in its products. The result of this are lines such as American Bombshell, Super Hung Heroes, Vac-U-Loc or the Superstar Toys, which are modelled to exactly match the body of the performer, are simply convincing and provide high levels of enjoyment.



Eau Zone by Shunga

Eroticism works on many different levels, creating a great sense of wellbeing. In order to be able to increase these sensations, the company with the BEST WELLNESS PRODUCT has introduced products to offer him and her relaxation and stimulation in equal measures. There are plenty of products to choose from in this product sector of the adult industry, with which wellness and erotic play can be best combined. Shunga Erotic Art provides special moments together, with an intensive experience for lovers.




Introducing toys to the market is one thing, but it involves a little more effort to give them an impressive design. Every year there are many different toys with crazy ideas, in colourful and imaginative designs. As far as Sign Magazine is concerned, this company has managed to produce toys of high quality and with a convincing design, so the award for BEST DESIGN 2014 goes to Klipon.



California Exotic Novelties

In such a diversified market as that of the adult industry, the right marketing can be the decisive factor when it comes to the success of a particular product. This includes that the campaign, the packaging design, a perfect presentation at exhibitions, the right advertising and POS materials need to be created for the retail sector, and all of this needs to be worked into a conclusive concept. We are of the opinion that in 2014, California Exotic Novelties have positioned themselves excellently in this sector, and because of this deserve the prize for BEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN 2014.



Bathmate by DX Products

The effectiveness and size of a male sexual organ is always an issue, and there are a few products on the market to help increase them, such as medical, artificial, natural or technical solutions, but one technique that is based on a physical basic principal is the penis pump. DX Products has developed the Bathmate, which in turn has brought them the award for BEST MALE ENHENCEMENT 2014. This device and training aid uses the hydraulic principals, in order to develop the vacuum required to draw more blood into the erect penis.


Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

As a production company and distributor for excellent DVDs, Wicked Pictures is a well-known and valued member of the industry. The exclusive performers, or Wicked Girls, are just as well known, which currently include Stormy Daniels, jessica drake, Samantha Saint, Kaylani Lei and Asa Akira. But the reason for the title of BEST DVD COMPANY OVERSEAS 2014, were of course this year’s films. One film that left quite a lasting impression was ”Aftermath“, with jessica drake and Asa Akira, and directed by Brad Armstrong. The porn parodies, such as the adaptation of the well-known fairytales Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and, soon to be released, Cinderella or the porn variation of the successful hit TV series 24, received a great deal of attention. All together they are the creation of the parody expert Axel Braun, but these were only a few of the red hot productions from Wicked Pictures this year.



UPL Distribution

Getting the goods to customers successfully is one of the most important business issues when it comes to online trade. One of the easiest solutions for traders is Drop Shipping. This is where the wholesaler takes care of the direct delivery for the retailer, providing them with more time for their customers. In times of varied customer wishes and extensive product diversity, such a service takes on an even higher level of importance. If this service runs smoothly for all participants, then consumers, traders and distributors will profit equally. In the category BEST DROPSHIP SERVICE 2014, the award goes to UPL Distribution, for the service.


shots logistic

Shots Media

Whether it is worldwide producers or the large amount successful brands of their own, the winner of the BEST LOGISTIC DEPARTMENTS 2014 can provide traders with almost anything, and all that in the best possible delivery time. That is what Shots Media is all about. The success of the company has been rapid, and thanks to the philosophy for the founder and owner Oscar Heijnen, the company always strives to provide the best possible service at most than acceptable prices, to all of their customers.



Lilly Ladina

Embodying eroticism and being desirable are the most important tasks for any adult industry performer. But managing this at a more mature age is something very special, and if all this has been achieved after entering the industry at a relatively late stage, it is definitely worth an award. SIGN Magazine has chosen Lilly Ladina as BEST ACTRESS 2014.



Pornfighter Long John

Surviving in the industry, or literally speaking, to remain steadfast, is top priority for every male performer. For these people, the porn world is not just a big party with large amounts of beautiful women; it also involves a lot of hard work. When it comes to the winner of the Sign BEST ACTOR 2014 Award, it is exactly 23.5 centimetres of hard work, which is also the title of his Autobiography; congratulations to Pornfighter Long John for BEST ACTOR 2014.