On this page you´ll find an overview of the
SIGN-AWARD Winners 2013 honoured during the eroFame show in Hanover and the Venus show in Berlin.

Congratulations to the Winners!



Nick Orlandino

Nick Orlandino and Pipedream Products – an alliance that seems to be fused with success within the adult industry, and it is difficult to imagine where Pipedream would be today without him. He joined the company in 1992 and made his mark right from the get-go, to steer them towards success. After a good twenty years he is now a shareholder and runs the everyday affairs of Pipedream Products. He has created countless products that instantly became bestsellers. Nick Orlandino hasn’t yet reached his zenith and is sure to be the talk of the industry time and again, but we have decided to commend him on his unequalled efforts for the industry. That is why he will receive the FOR YOUR LIFE’S WORK IN THE INDUSTRY-AWARD from SIGN.



Rocks Off

With Rocks Off it all started with the “Rock Chick”, which reaches high sales figures even today. Since then they have added a number of diverse products for men, for women and they all have one thing in common: they offer huge amounts of enjoyment. This news has spread and resulted in products such as the ”RO 80 mm 7 Speed Bullet“ selling millions of times. With every product one introduces to the market, one would like to set new impulses and remain innovative. Apart from design and functionality, the goods from Rocks Off also stand out because of their quality and reasonable prices. This was reason for us to present Rocks Off with the award for BEST ADULT PLEASURE PRODUCTS BRAND 2013.



California Exotic Novelties

Products from California Exotic Novelties have that something special. It may have to do with the fact that, according to the Californian based company, they are inspired by fashion, or it could just be the diverse knowledge they already have of how to create adult toys that sets them a class above the norm to optimally satisfy customer needs. It was not only our product reviews, in which we looked at individual products from the Californian based manufacturer, which convinced us that product lines such as Posh, Body& Soul, Embrace, Entice and Scandal combine high quality, technical refinement and wonderful design. Finally it wasn’t that difficult to decide to present California Exotic Novelties with the REVIEWER’S CHOICE AWARD FOR BEST PRODUCTS 2013.




Recently a sale at the Netherlands based wholesaler Tonga, resulted in plenty of space for new products. The time has arrived to launch the biannual main catalogue. Some products have already been introduced during the last few months and other will follow with the catalogue. All in all it includes about 3000 articles so the diversity speaks for itself, which is also an important factor in the success of the wholesaler. On top of this they add their clever intuition for choosing products and their own range of brands, such as Dream Toys, JOJO and REE, not to mention the effective and unique customer support. This and much more makes Tonga for us the deserved winner in the category of BEST EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTOR 2013.



Shots Media

Marketing is the key to the success of a product. Matching product packaging and a appealing presentation at exhibitions, advertising measures and cooperation with retailers for product presentation in shops, are all important building blocks within a comprehensive marketing concept. This has been done excellently by the Shots Media 2013. So it is not without good reason that one is very familiar with the large range of products that Shots offer, as well as their individual brands such as Shots Toys, Pharmquest, Ouch or the most recent of their additions Doc Johnson, Magic Silk and Shots Fashion. As far as we are concerned, with their thoroughly convincing marketing concept, Shots Media is the clear winner of the award for BEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN 2013.




Packaging can be a deciding factor for the success of a product. This is something that the American toy manufacturer JOPEN is well aware of, which is why they make sure they present their beautifully shaped, high quality pleasure providers in packaging that reflects the unique quality. The extensive creativity of the American company can be seen in the packaging of the reasonably priced Key line of products. They are a real eye-catcher with their bright friendly colours and cheeky slogans such as “Hello Gorgeous” and “Lift off in 3, 2, 1…”, which provide the brand with a lively and trendy identity. The packaging makes the Jopen products a real eye-catcher on the shelves, which is definitely worth the award for BEST PRODUCT PACKAGING.



Penomet LLC by UPL Distribution

It’s all about the size. Those men who are of this opinion will turn to the use of sexual aids such as penis pumps, even if they won’t readily admit it, to get their best friend in shape. The penis enlargement pump Penomet, which is under the distribution of UPL Distribution, offers an effective solution based o the latest technology and current research results. The product promises a gentle penis enlargement through a special system, which uses water and vacuum. The huge success and great results are proof that the product works, and are reason enough for us, and for the second time after 2012, to present Penomet LLC with the award for BEST MALE ENHANCEMENT.




Dropshipping is a trading principal that is still relatively new to the adult industry, but one which is being used by more and more companies with increasing success, and which is especially attractive to online traders. One company we think has especially excelled on the European market is the Netherlands based business EDC Internet. The company is not only active in sales and wholesale, but also recognised the potential of E-commerce, and dropshipping alongside offering numerous solutions for online shops. We were very impressed by this quality and the huge success of the service, which is why we would like to present EDC Internet with the award for BEST DROPSHIP EUROPE 2013.




If you want to be successful in the adult DVD business these days, you have to offer something special; you have to set yourself aside from the crowd with a special profile. This has been recognised by the Netherlands based DVD wholesaler Klipon. By means of their huge choice of products, which can hardly be matched by any other wholesaler in the adult industry, they have attained an excellent position. The enormous assortment includes diverse films covering various fetishes, and also niche, so that every fan of specialist DVD will find what they are looking for. Their success in this hard-fought business sector has proved that Klipon were right, and is reason enough for us to present them with the award for BEST SELLING PRODUCT DVD 2013.



CB-6000 by A.L. Enterprises

Demand for fetish toys is constantly on the increase within the adult sector, and there is a huge variety in order to be able to cater to the various different fetishes. An expert in this area is the American based company A.L. Enterprises. With their brand CB-X, they very successfully offer friends of fetish product, toys for a number of different tastes. Amongst other things, the Americans have helped create a renaissance of the chastity belt in the form of their own interpretation of a penis cage. The CB-6000 Male Chastity Device has enjoyed huge popularity and is meanwhile available in a number of different designs and sizes. The toys have also been featured on TV, which is one more reason why the company A.L. Enterprises is our winner in the prize category of BEST FETISH TOY 2013.



Devils Film

The American DVD company Devils Film, really does have some Devilish films in its programme. There is something for everybody who is looking for entertaining, diverse and thrilling adult films that can also cater to a number of different special preferences. Films such as ”The Devils Gang Band“, ”Angelic Asses“ or ”Just In Beaver Fever“ provided the company with huge success in 2013. The productions are refined with stars from the industry such as Chanel Preston, Karen Ann, Riley Reid or Remy Lacroix. The combination of huge diversity, stars and success with their audience is the reason why we wish to present Devils Films the award for BEST DVD COMPANY OVERSEE 2013.



Lena Nitro

She has been the star of numerous films since she entered the business in 2009. In this time she worked very hard to become one of the top Adult actresses in the German and even international business. This year the slim Berlin girl thrilled us with her natural charisma and enormous passion, especially in the productions ”Auf geht’s“, ”Wer hat noch nicht“ and ”Packt feste an, Jungs“. We thought this effort should be honoured and that is why we would like to present Lena Nitro with the award for BEST ACTRESS 2013.



Porn Fighter Long John

He has said that he has had more than 4500 women, played in 2000 scenes, his biography is called ”23,5 cm harte Arbeit“. Thanks to his huge amount of dedication, Pornfighter Long John is not only one of the best known porn performers in Germany, but also an international name, who has recently performed on the cinema screens, such as in his guest appearance in the film ”Feuchtgebiete“ zeigt. He has already worked with numerous studios such as Beate Uhse, Babylon, Inflagranti, Magma, MMV and Videorama, and has proved himself time and time again with his devotion, passion and staying power. We were also convinced by his performances, which is why we think Porn Fighter Long John is the BEST ACTOR 2013