Shunga’s best-sellers at Scala Playhouse

12.04.2016 | Almere, The Netherlands – Shunga Erotic Art has once again proven to be one of the best-selling brands at Scala Playhouse. The brand is a firm favorite among lovers all over the world, and now has an even sleeker look to match its amazing products. The exotic Shunga assortment at Scala Playhouse spans over many different product categories such as edible body powders, body and bath products, sensual massage creams, lubricants, lip balms and other intense pleasure products. All items have been designed to let lovers explore the true art of making love. We’ve listed five of our best-selling Shunga products to showcase some of the assortment’s highlights:

wk14_pb_SIGN_Shunga_400x300The Shunga Dragon Cream is an intense sexual enhancing cream made from natural extracts. The product creates a thrilling fire and ice sensation. It helps men unleash their inner sexual power, while making her hot spots more sensitive, tingling with desire. The Shunga Toko Lubricant Strawberry is a delicious water-based lubricant with absolutely no aftertaste. The flavored lube provides an ultra long-lasting glide without staining or getting sticky and has a sweet taste of luscious strawberries. The Shunga Massage Oil Libido is silky smooth massage oil that is made of 100% natural cold-pressed oils.

The fragrant oil is enriched with Vitamin E and glides easily and smoothly over the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and delicately scented of exotic fruits. The Shunga Candle Exotic Fruits and Shunga Candle Desire: two of the most popular fragrant massage candles from the Shunga range. The soy based candles are made of 100% natural oils and produce lukewarm oil at the touch when lit. The special formula leaves the skin feeling soft, silky and delicately scented – while filling the room with a very sensual and seductive aroma.