Shots Media expanding and donating

23.07.2014 | Beneden Leeuwen, The Netherlands – Oscar Heijnen Holdings, of which Shots Media is part of, has last week applied for a new building license which you can seeon the enclosed design.Shots Media further presents the results of the Warm Bear charity campaign.

Shots-Party-2014-IMG_9701 This dignified business premises will be built next to the existing building, after check and authorisation from various authorities. The new building will have one more floor extra compared to the existing one and has a capacity of more than 1800 pallet spaces. This will triple the current capacity and ensure execution of all the expansion plans in the forthcoming five years.
The offices of the new building will be occupied, amongst others, by subsidiary Pharmquest, of which the production unit will also move
to Beneden Leeuwen. In this way all companies will be together.
The start of the building activities is expected in 2015.
But the company is not only expanding, they are also getting a lot of recognition for charity activities. Thanks to the overwhelming donations of the Shots Media 2014 Party visitors last Friday, a record breaking amount has been donated to the Warm Bear Foundation. A calculation was made and the outcome is that Tomas can buy 589 Warm Bears to hand out to sick children. With 11,870 € of donations, this was the highest sum every in the course of the campaign.
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