Shine bright like a star with Cobeco’s best-selling Star White

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18.10.2017 | Almere, The Netherlands – Shine bright like a star with Cobeco’s lightening cream Star White, now ready to order at SCALA. This best-seller is guaranteed to brighten up your assortment with some impressive sales figures, as well as brightening your consumers’ hot spots with its gentle formula. The drugstore assortment at SCALA spans over a great variety of products groups, ranging from lubricants and massage products to more niche products like delay creams and lightening formulas. Cobeco – a prime name in erotic wellness – has one of the best-selling products in the last-named category: Star White lightening cream, a product guaranteed to shine in any drugstore assortment.wk40_pb_SIGN_Cobeco_400x300

The Star White lightening cream has a gentle formula that is suitable for use on your most sensitive areas. The cream allows you to aesthetically enhance your hot spots in a safe, non-intimidating way. Packaged in a fun, contemporary way, the cream is an instant eye-catcher in any assortment and offers bright appeal for every type of consumers, regardless of their entry-level.

Discover the Star White lightening cream by Cobeco at SCALA today via and give your consumers to shine bright with this quality formula!