Screaming O supports stores with Pride-inspired merchandising ideas

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20.06.2017 | Los Angeles, California, USA – Screaming O is sending inspiration to stores around the world in support of this year’s Pride season, using its colorful range of affordable and accessible sex toys as Pride-themed display centerpieces. A longtime sponsor and ally at Pride events throughout Southern California, Screaming O is helping stores get in the Pride spirit with custom marketing materials, providing personalized customer service, and the most colorful sex toy line in the industry.

“Screaming O is known for our retail support programs and we want to make it easy for stores to prepare for the Pride shopping season with fast and simple display solutions,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Our affordable and intensely colorful cock rings, mini vibes, and accessories features shapes and styles for every body and because of their accessible price points, Screaming O products make perfect impulse purchases. We have options from every shade of the rainbow and suggest putting Screaming O front and center – especially near the cash register.”

Best for impulse buys is the ColorPoP series of vibrating rings, cock rings, and mini vibes made in vibrant shades with eye-catching packaging that pops from across the store. Create a colorful shopping destination or put some color by the point of purchase to show solidarity while making it easy for shoppers to add vibration to their Pride celebrations.

“The ColorPoP line introduces vibrant versions of our original best-selling disposables and reusables and makes for extra-fun party favors – or even colorful quickies on the go,” Conde added. “ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O rings and ColorPoP Bullets are available in convenient candy bowls and grab-and-go POP displays that fit seamlessly into any existing display – especially parts of the store where shoppers pick items up on a whim.”

For a higher-level display, Screaming O’s new Charged line of affordable rechargeables offers a coordinated multicolor product series with shapes and styles for almost any intimate interest. Thanks to its highly visible color-block packaging, Charged upgrades slatwalls with a high-impact presentation that introduces powerful rumbling rechargeables at the most affordable prices available.
Screaming O Pride
“Our Charged Vooom Bullet has made waves because of its deep rumbling motor, which fits into almost any non-vibrating dildo or harness and transforms it into an extra-rumbly device,” Conde said. “Because every item is priced well, Charged is a clever way to incorporate color onto a store floor while introducing rechargeable options to shoppers who might not have considered them before. Pride is a high-traffic, high-impulse shopping season and Screaming O is here to help stores make the most of it!”

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