Scala Playhouse becomes the European distributor of “G-vibe”

Almere, the Netherlands – Scala Fair which took place from the 4th to 6th March 2013 in the Scala Playhouse showroom in Almere (the Netherlands) was the European premiere of the most exciting novelty of 2012 – G-vibe. The Fair was intended to Scala’s partners and customers who have business relationships with the company. Every visitor has admitted that G-vibe is an impressive novelty which is worth buying and having in the assortment. Fun Toys, a manufacturing company of G-vibe, received many orders during the fair – almost every customer who approached the stand was unable to resist the temptation of buying this attractive brand-new product. According to the Fair Survey conducted by Scala, “G-vibe became the leader in terms of brand scorecard, winning in the category of ‘sales potential’ and scoring high in the other categories. People consider G-vibe to have higher sales potential then other brands presented during the fair.”
Scala Playhouse, having 40 years of experience in the purchase and sale of luxury trendy toys, lingerie, sensual wellness products, films and magazines, is the European supplier with the widest range of products for the professional erotic market. Being now one of the products supplied by Scala, G-vibe will inevitably gain huge popularity and recognition – the same as it has done in the USA, Australia, Russia and other countries where it was sold out very fast shortly after getting in adult stores.
“I am very happy that G-vibe which has travelled all around the world and is supplied to the various corners of our planet has eventually come back to its cradleland, Europe, as it was invented and designed in the United Kingdom. I am proud to cooperate with Scala whom I know to be extremely professional and efficient company and I am sure G-vibe will become their best-selling product,” said Jack Romanski, the inventor of G-vibe.
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