SATISFYER CONNECT – The groundbreaking sexual wellness innovation



22.06.2020 | Bielefeld, Germany – With the revolutionary SATISFYER CONNECT app and the widest variety of innovative app devices, an unprecedented, sensual experience journey starts now with new highlights every month.

The free SATISFYER CONNECT app is the interactive new platform that blends intimacy with technology. Designed for joyful sensual experiences with yourself or your partner, whether close to each other or at a distance. The SATISFYER CONNECT app is the beginning of an exciting journey with no limits. In addition, continuously new app features as well as up to twelve new devices will provide more lustful impulses and constantly new ways to explore one’s own sexuality.

Beam me App, Satisfyer!

Intimacy, (self-)love, belonging and sexuality are basic human needs. The SATISFYER CONNECT app lifts the satisfaction of these needs into unimaginable spheres. Because sexual fantasies are not only completely normal, but also make it possible to discover one’s own sexuality in a protected space. It doesn’t matter if they are shared with a partner or serve the aim of solo pleasure. Sexual fantasies forge new dimensions of erotic intimacy while expanding our ability to harness the positive effects of self-pleasure in all its glory. It can be the sound of a voice that takes your breath away, music that stirs your imagination with its unique vibrations, or a tender touch awakening you at early dawn to usher in your day to come. With a clear focus on wellness technology, the SATISFYER CONNECT app creates an entirely new level of sexual experience that invites people around the world to explore the endless possibilities within their sensual nature and body.

Control to lose control and come with us!

Honoured with the CES TWICE PICKS Award as the best mobile app in the entire entertainment electronics, the SATISFYER CONNECT app offers endless functions and limitless connectivity. Compatible with all Android and iOS devices, SATISFYER CONNECT seamlessly pairs with all SATISFYER Bluetooth devices to playfully invite intimate explorations in more than 30 languages.


Versatile functionality

As the only provider, SATISFYER CONNECT can control up to four app devices at the same time without003 interrupting a sensual moment. A haptic as well as intuitive menu navigation offers both a simple and playful operation and versatile functionality, such as:

  • Program Play: Playing of pre-installed programs
  • Live control: Design individual patterns and rhythms according to own preferences with a simple stroke of the finger over the screen. In addition, control of time, intensity, separate motors with multi-engine devices, as well as a personal saving option of own routines, in order to be able to experience these lustful moments over and over again and much more.
  • “Ambient Sound” and “Music Vibes” for the most comprehensive multi-sensory experience possible.
    – Ambient sounds such as music or spoken words are transmitted in vibrations. A real bang for the next concert visit.
    – “Music Vibes” plays streamed music, or pairs with your own music library to convert your favourite songs into paralleled vibration patterns. Imagine, experiencing the most intimate release based in the songs you love most. Music will never be the same, and orgasms will scream in new ecstatic melodies.
  • Remote Partner: Whether close, whether remote – SATISFYER CONNECT provides couples with an ability to sensually bridge the 3-dimensional gap of distance anytime, and anywhere in the world. As part of this feature, users can connect their app accounts via the Internet and thus give control of their app devices into the hands of the partner. At the same time, text messages or video telephony allow couples to exchange in the most intimate of ways. A secure connection between two accounts can only be established if both sides explicitly agree each time. In addition, each user retains the ability to end relationships which will result in automatic deletion of all messages from the chat, and further access.
  • Community Share: True to the motto “Happiness is the only thing that increases when you share it”, saved, joyful routines can be made available to other users – anonymous, of course – and vice versa, there are inspiring, sensual adventures of other users. A source of pleasure.
  • Alarm function: Set reminders to your partner for a “love date” or for a fun start to the day.


The control of the sensual toys does not have to be carried out exclusively via the app on the smartphone. Motion control via the iOS watch allows users to playfully conduct devices through arm movements as well allowing for basic operating functions on the devices themselves, or remote controls can be used for this purpose.

New exciting highlights

From now on SATISFYER surprises every month with new exciting highlights. A multitude of sensations are just getting started: New app features and up to twelve new app devices that drive the imagination and experimental joy to unimaginable heights. The kick-off of the most exciting adventure journey of pleasure and the industry’s largest selection of app-compatible Sexual Wellness devices took place in June 2020 with:

Curvy 1+: Pressure wave and touch-free clitoral stimulation and vibration. Available in black, wine-red and white.
Double Joy: Partner vibrator. Available in black, purple and white.
Curvy 2+: Pressure wave and touch-free clitoral stimulation and vibration. Available in pale pink and black.
Curvy 3+: Pressure wave and touch-free clitoral stimulation and vibration. Available in pale mint, pink and black.








As of now SATISFYER CONNECT is available at App Store as well as Google Playstore

Overview SATISFYER CONNECT highlight features

– Available in more than 30 languages
– Simultaneous control of up to 4 four devices
– Personalization: creation of own vibration and rhythm patterns
– Borderless connection around the world: Control of app devices via Internet
– Ambient sound: rhythm and vibration control by ambient noise
– Music vibes: playback of streamed music or own music simultaneously transmitted in rhythm and vibration patterns
– Smart Alarm: Create alarm signals