Rends Vorze A10

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN


When it comes to male masturbation, companies throughout the industry come up with many an idea – this means that the products on offer range from simple strokers without a motor, through to vibrators for men, all the way to versatile toys, providing high-tech lust fulfilment. The Rends Vorze A10 Cyclone SA belongs to the latter category, and possesses technology programming “made in Japan”. Masturbation doesn’t have to be mundane, which is something that many industry manufacturers and wholesalers have proven successfully in the past. Every month, new products “for him” are introduced to the market, in every colour, size and shape, and range from simple to high-tech. The toy manufacturer Rends has come up with something rather special when it comes to technology – the rotating masturbator A10 has been brought up to date technologically as the Vorze A10, and is now under distribution in Europe, amongst others, from the Netherlands based wholesaler Dusedo.



Individually adjusted

Preferences are as varied as the consumers themselves, which means that standard settings and patterns can soon become boring, and variation and individuality are of the upmost importance when it comes to something as personal as masturbation. With this in mind, the Rends Vorze A10 can be adjusted to meet ones own preferences – either in the rotation speed or in the frequency of the patterns. The toy, which on the outside is made of PU for better grip, and on the inside has a removable sleeve made of skin-like material for the most realistic experience, can be controlled using five button with a colour display for pattern alteration. But consumers can not only choose between the many options that the toy already has – with a little practice, and with the help of an imported Excel sheet, you can transfer your own specially created patterns to the toy via USB. The numerous possibilities of the rotation stroker, alongside the elegant and futuristic design, features everything in all aspects that the distributing wholesaler Dusedo relates to toys made by Japanese manufacturers, which are powerful motors, clever technology and a simple and functional outer design.

Experiencing virtual reality

To date, masturbation has basically been quite a solitary affair for many men – Rends is one of the manufacturers that, thanks to interactive technology and programming options, wish to change this. The toy has the possibility, when it is connected to a computer, to synchronise itself with it, also with video scenes that the user implements to boost his imagination. For example: if a woman pleasures a male performer with her mouth or hand in a porn clip, this frequency will be copied over in real time and fully automatically to the Vorze A10. The male participant can lay back and enjoy his pleasure, without actually having to do anything himself. When all is said and done, the Vorze A10 is a toy that will increase lust, and with a length of 29,5 centimetres and a diameter of 12,5 centimetres, it’s ideal for a fixed location.
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