Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

There are plenty of masturbators on the market, for men to enjoy the most authentic feeling of sex as possible. They have suction devices, rotation, and vibration, are battery powered, USB charged or used totally without the power of electricity. There are a number of different ways to stimulate in such a way as to simulate sex, and the Pleasure Cups from Zolo combine characteristics from a classic and anatomically shaped masturbator with vacuum suction to create lustful movement; and this all works without the power of electricity or batteries.


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7 variations of male lust

The Zolo-Cups are available in 7 variations and cover a number of different areas of male sexuality. They differ first of all in the colours they have. Original and Girlfriend imitate vaginal sex. The can, that can be simply screwed open or closed, has an ergonomically shaped tunnel on the inside made of a soft material. Deep Throat was created to satisfy the need for some deep oral satisfaction. The Personal Trainer helps one to build up sexual stamina, whereas glide on the other hand can be used best under water or under the shower. Backdoor fulfils the special wishes of a lot of heterosexual and homosexual men to enjoy a little anal. Zolo offers heat in the form of Fire, whose texture creates an especially warm sensation.

Pressure and movement gel

Plenty of movement is introduced to solo sex with the Motion Lotion and the suction device of the Zolo Cups. These are masturbators that reach the required effect only by means of the way they are constructed on the inside and pressure regulators. Every can has a suction device that closes around the penis of the person masturbating to make it easy to use. All of the Cups have been made so that the ergonomic and elastic handle fits snugly into the users’ hand, making it easy to manually regulate the intensity of the pressure. Girlfriend-1So they do not only have a handy size, but don’t even need electricity in order to function. Stimulation is created by – apart from the vacuum and pressure regulation – various movement gels, called Motion Lotions, on the inside of the masturbator can. So in order to fulfil any sexual needs, one must simply screw open the stimulation cup and start the pleasure. The consistence of the motion lotion basically determines how intensive and in which manner the penis is stimulated. According to the manufacturers, the stimulation cups all promise very lifelike stimulation to match anal, oral and vaginal sex with their inner structure and stageless pressure regulation. The inner tube can be entirely removed for easy cleaning, and it is just as easy to put back in.


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