Zero Tolerance Perfect Stroke Oral

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

Many men want it, but not all men get it: a satisfying and long blowjob with a guaranteed orgasm, and outside of adult films, many things remain a fantasy, especially when it comes to deep-throat. There are plenty of masturbators on the market that create the illusion of hot oral sex. Rotating, vibrating, without external technology and made of a skin-like material, and of course some with suction function that can also be used as a penis pump; this also the case with the Perfect Stroke Oral from the Zero Tolerance brand.


mouth stroker

Discreet on the outside, anatomical inside

When you look at it from the outside, the Perfect Stroker Oral seems discreet and unimposing, and comes in a dark blue metal tin with a lid. If you open the tin, you reveal a lifelike designed masturbation and ejaculation toy, made of silicone and phthalate free TPR. A closer inspection of the inside of the toy, shows that the “inner values” of a stroker are just as important, with the nubs and ribbed structure created with such detail as to emulate the female mouth, being just as soft and flexible as a mouth and throat of a real sex partner. The removable skin-coloured masturbator sleeve is covered in a stable black plastic, which is also the basis for an integrated suction and vacuum mechanism.

Fun and sexual wellness in one

When using the Perfect Stroker Oral, the penis can either be soft or hard, and thanks to the individually regulated suction mechanism and the tight and cosy structure, it is possible to generate an ejaculation in either state. This means that the Stroker is also suitable for those who suffer from erection problems, and can support creating longer and more stable erection like a vacuum pump. As is the case with real fellatio, suction, movement and pressure provide the required stimulation. An extra kick is possible by means of a special valve on the underside that offers constant vacuum, with the patented and so called “Patented Accumulation Technology“. Variations can also be created by the user by simply pressing together the outer casing, whilst the toy is moved in various directions. This enables the suction effect to be individually regulated. The manufacturer recommends usage with plenty of lubricant, and a tester pack is included in the package.


A successful Stroker family

The Perfect Stroke line from Zero Tolerance has something for every taste. Whilst the Perfect Stroke Oral simulates a lustful blowjob, fans of anal and vaginal masturbators also have something to look forward to. The other toys from the Stroker family work with a similar principal, the Perfect Stroke Vaginal and the Perfect Stroke Anal. For each of the articles there is a free download available for instruction videos, which explain the safe and effective use of the Accumulation Technology

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