S&T Rubber Explorer

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

The name speaks for itself: with the Malesation Explorer from S&T Rubber, you begin a journey of intensive self exploration, finding out about your own body, or that of your partner. The Explorer is simultaneously a vibrating cock ring, scrotum ring and anal plug, offering numerous options for sexual play. The main plus with the product is its enormous flexibility, which means that the toy can be bent in all possible directions, placing nothing in the way of ones imagination.



Self penetration with memory effect

First of all you pull the vibrating cock ring over the half erect penis and scrotum. If you wish to pleasure yourself alone, you simply bend the plug in such a way so that it can be inserted anally. During this procedure it is best to use a water based lubricant, so that the five different sized rings on the plug can be easily inserted into the anus. The anal plug is 7.8 centimetres long and has a diameter of 3.4 centimetres, and at the widest point, offers enough area for some rather promising stimulation. At the base, just above the cock ring, you can control the stimulation stages via simple pressing; and five in total means there is something for every taste. You can change the vibration mode by giving a short press to the on/off button, and by pressing it longer, you can switch of the toy. The intelligent construction with its memory effect means it remains in the shape it was, but it is very easy to change.

Also suitable as a partner toy

As well as all of this, the Explorer can also be used as a partner toy: the ergonomic shaped and water proof plug can be bend further downward, making a double penetration for women possible, and at the same time stimulating the man with the cock ring. This enables both partners to enjoy a double portion of pleasure. So the Explorer allows plenty of possibilities for sex play, whether it is alone or as a couple, that is something that everyone can decide individually. The toy is most certainly an eye-catcher, and with a closer look and feel, it becomes clear what it can actually do. The facts speak for it as well: the silky soft surface is made of silicone and is phthalate free, hypoallergenic, has no fragrance and is easy to clean. The Explorer can be charged via a USB cable (included) and the toy can also be charged at any plug socket via an adapter (not included).