Orion Vibrating Intimate Spreader

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

”A clear view and free access into the centre of lust of a woman“ – this was the intention of an inventor from Berlin, when he started developing one of his new projects. The result was the Intimate Spreader, which was introduced to the market in 2012 together with Orion. Now the labia spreader is available in two different variations: as Intimate Spreader tight for especially tight pleasure and as a Vibrating Intimate Spreader.




At a glance, the Vibrating Intimate Spreader and its colleague look quite inconspicuous, but the flexible and silicone covered metal wire frame is a true milti-talent. The principal is the same with all of them: with the original spreader, the bent end is inserted into the vagina to provide targeted stimulation to the G-spot. Whilst this is taking place, the outer ends spread the labia widely apart, not only offering the partner a promising view, but providing “free access” to the vagina. Apart from this, the penis receives extra stimulation from the pronounced stimulation ribs. For even more fun as a couple there is the latest model, the Vibrating Intimate Spreader: the small Vibro-Egg is placed in the vagina to stimulate the G-spot. On the outside the labia clasp is bent into its individual fit, spreading the labia and setting the clitoris free. When the partner then penetrates the vagina, the inserted vibrator then stimulates both parties simultaneously. The showstopper is the fact that the remote control allows the partner to run through the seven different vibration stages by simply pressing the on/off button and then the function button; providing ones partner with various levels of enjoyment.

Individual fit

The Vibro-Egg is about 7.5 centimetres long and has a diameter of 2 centimetres, and the side length of the entire t Vibrating Intimate Spreader is 9.5 centimetres. So all in all, the Vibrating Intimate Spreader is quite small and slim, but very impressive – as well as this it can be bend to an individually desired shape, meaning it fits any vagina. It comes with the right battery for the Vibro-Egg and three button cell batteries for the remote control, so you can get started with a fun threesome right away.