Mister B Butt Plug Dogtail Harness

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

A harness can fulfil a number of different functions and is one of the most diverse accessories for exciting role play, whether homosexual or heterosexual love games. Mister B has created a variable harness with their Butt Plug Dogtail Harness, which is not only a mount for a strap-on dildo, but also stimulates the anus of the wearer. It can even be combined with a penis cage.



A leather multi-talent

Harnesses, anal toys and penis cages can all be used separately from one another, or together. The Butt Plug Dogtail Harness combines all of these lust providing options in one, and as a fetish accessory, is suitable for many different types of customers. Although the product range at Mister B is mainly targeted at homosexual men, it is not only the men of the world that can profit from this fetish multi-talent and liven up their love life with it. No matter whether it is used solo or with a partner or with a dominant or submissive preference, the strong hold, the comfortable leather and the diverse possibilities for usage, the user will always get their money’s worth. The harness offers an opening for an anal plug with the best possible hold, to avoid any embarrassing slip-outs, for men and women that enjoy discrete self stimulation of the anus over a long period of time. The three different sizes and an adjustable fastener mean that the Butt Plug Dogtail Harness can fit any body size, without slipping of nipping.

Well equipped for BDSM play

Mister B offers an extensive portfolio of everything the fetish heart could desire, from male chastity devices to bondage utensils. The Butt Plug Dogtail Harness, which can also be fastened with metal locks to give the dominant partner full control, is a great accessory and can be combined with other products distributed by Mister B – for example with the penis cage CB-X Male Chastity, the CB 6000, the CB 3000 or The Curve. The feeling of surrendering to this level of being controlled, either through the penis cage or anal plug, can be seriously thrilling for the submissive half of a couple. Two openings on the front and back enable one to simultaneously position the penis ring, or a dildo and a plug in the back, or a dog-tail. The penis ring has a diameter of eight centimetres and the length of the waist band varies, depending on the size chosen. With the “Small“ size, the waist is 76 to 86 centimetres, “Medium“ measures 81 to 91 centimetres, and for a waist between 86 and 97 centimetres you will need the ”Large“ version. The timeless design made of soft black leather and the diversity of the product make it possible that the Butt Plug Dogtail Harness can provide fetish lovers of any sex or preference, new possibilities for experimentation.