Jopen Lust L7

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

Many women prefer toys that are a little more playful, and don’t necessarily look like a penis. This is something that has been recognised by most manufacturers, who now offer products with an appealing look, and apart from that, don’t even look like a sex toy at a glance. The products from the Lust line from Jopen also fall into this particular category: the line is expanded on a regular basis, which is now the case, with five new toy additions, which are sure to be welcomed by ladies everywhere. One of the new products is the L7, which as a further development of the L5 and L6, and now offers even more user variations.



Four functioning petals

When looking at the L7, it reminds one of an opening blossom, as was the case with its predecessor, but it has twice as many petals; meaning more enjoyment. This is because the appealing look has been designed to fulfil a specific purpose: the shape of the L7 has been made to fit perfectly with the female contours. The “bulb“ for example is a G-spot stimulator, and the two long and two short petals also have a function. The long ones can be used to stimulate the labia or clitoris, and a drop of lube provides that extra pleasure push. If the middle cone is inserted into the vagina, the petals lie on the clitoris and anus, which provides stimulation to three important zones at the same time. But sole stimulation of one’s backdoor is also possible for example. Of course there are no limitations to the imagination, when it comes to tender pressure from the petals to any part of the body, so it is best to simply try it to find out what is best for the individual. The silky soft surface of the L7 also plays its part in offering unique enjoyment.

Ten modes to choose from

This model offers ten different vibrations and pulsation stages, and the entire power develops when fully charged, which only takes two hours – by means of a USB cable that comes as part of the package, so there is no need to waste time buying batteries or replacing rechargeable battery packs. Once the L7 has been charged, it runs for two hours at full power, and three hours at a lower speed. The product comes in the colour lilac, pink and grass-green, and the outer covering, which is made of skin-friendly premium silicone with a satin finish, gives the toy a high class look. Apart from all this, it is also waterproof, which makes it great for fun under the shower or in the bath.