Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

Everybody has probably experienced the regular sex toy forums, and it is not just those who like experimentation who turn to products that may introduce more diversity into their love lives. But there are quite a number of products that may not even look like a pleasure stimulator – such as the Hello Touch from Jimmyjane, which is most certainly a part of this category. Generally it works more like a medical product, for example like a blood pressure pulse gage, but it is really a part of the fingertip vibrator family. According to the company it is the smallest of its kind and has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to increase lust. So if you want to try out something new, you are looking in the right place. It is also very easy to use, even though it may seem so for a toy using beginner at first glance.


Schulung_121210 Hello Touch Product Shot-HR

Stroking, pressing and prodding

With Hello Touch, fingers do what 120927 Hello Touch-Hand-HR they normally do every day, such as stroking, pressing, prodding and squeezing, nut with a totally different intensity. The two compact vibration pads that are made of body friendly and phthalate free silicone, are very flexible and as diverse as our fingers. Two motors, one in each finger pad, provide the required intensity of vibrations, and which can be altered by a controller. In order for the cables not to get in the way when the fun begins, they can be wrapped around ones wrist. Each of the two vibration pads can be worn in a number of different positions on the fingers, depending on what you have in mind. The waterproof Hello Touch is also great for fun alone or together in the bathtub. It can run for up to six hours, and the first load of batteries is included.

Inspiration for couples

Usage and techniques are boundless 121213 Hello Touch Two Bodies - HR and inner and outer stimulation is possible – with men or women. Depending on how you wear it, for example on the fingertips, on the thumb and index finger or on the front side of the middle finger, it can be used to stimulate many different erogenous zones. It’s simple, just try it out and find out what you like best.
Couples can especially have a great deal of fun with the Hello Touch, discovering their bodies anew. Because no matter whether you are stimulating the clitoris, labia, G-spot, nipples, penis, anal, vaginal or any other area, the fingertip vibrator will make it more intense than it already can be.


Schulung_121213 Hello Touch Two Bodies - HR