Jimmyjane Form 2

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

Many sex toys meanwhile have become cuter in their appearance, and don’t resemble a penis in any way or form. The Form 2 from the Form-Family by Jimmyjane also falls into this category. Depending on which way it is held, it either looks like a tooth or a small rabbit, and the cuteness then determines the target group. The Form 2 is made for women who prefer clitoral stimulation. But one shouldn’t be deceived by the compact and multiple award winning design of the small toy, because the Form 2 is in possession of two very powerful motors, offering more intensive vibration than many other toys of the same size.



Orgasm without direct contact

One positive aspect that was recognised during a test is that it is not the entire toy that vibrates, but only the two tips, making it much easier to handle. Each ear, or tip has its own powerful motor, but they can’t be controlled separately. Apart from this, each of the ears is flexible, but at first it may look like there are not that many option when it comes to usage possibilities, but they offer targeted stimulation by use of one or both of the tips, and it can also be used in a flat position. For example you can hold the Form 2 so that the ears are either side of the clitoris or labia. You can either press the ears together or let them just lie there and let the vibrations do all the work. The massage rabbit is also good in the bath tub. If you place the tip of the ears close to the clitoris, the water between the two ears “comes to life”, and transfers intensive vibrations – making an orgasm without any direct contact possible. The flexibility of the ears means that every user can find the ideal position.

Impressive intensity

Four intensive pulsation stages and five different speeds provide a soft start, and you can run through and test each vibration individually, until you find the right one. It is best not to start with the most intensive – at least not on the sensitive clitoris, because the intensity is not to be underestimated. But generally speaking, the Form 2 also offers everything that one would expect from a modern toy: it is waterproof, is made from body friendly and phthalate free silicone and none rusting steel. It can be charged in a small and stylish charging dish, which can be connected via USB to a PC. Once charged, the little Form 2 provides four hours of enjoyment. The toy also has a travel lock grip, in order to avoid any nasty surprises at the airport. Just press the plus button of the speed and the change pulsation button at the same time, and the toy is locked.