Close2you Arioso

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

The new Arioso from the current sex toy collection from the Close2you label could also be called the ”All in One“, because the external vibrator with an insertable mini-vibrator stimulates both clitoral, virginal and anal. “Arioso” does sound a great deal better, and apart from that, it also has a very nice meaning: an Arioso is a piece of music for one solo voice with musical accompaniment. By the way, all of the Close2you love toys have wonderful sounding names from the world of music, because, according to a company statement, their tender vibrations play an unforgettable melody of lust.


Arioso 1

Triple the enjoyment

With Arioso there are also a variety of vibration levels, created by the motor trio, which offer plenty of variety: the middle arm of the toy, with its thicker tip is easy to insert, whilst the front and back parts stimulate the clitoris and anus. This means that the toy can even be word discretely under ones panties, because all of the three motors are very quiet. The chief attraction is most certainly the remote control that comes with it, which looks a little like an MP3 player, and with which ones partner can make a guest appearance by determining the erotic pitch of the three motors at the touch of a button. Whether or not, and in which combination the vagina, clitoris or anus is stimulated, lies entirely in the hands of one’s partner, who automatically becomes the conductor of this symphony of vibration, and the LED display on the controller also shows which combination is active.

Anatomically designed

The anatomical design has been created in such a way that the Arioso fit the shape of the body in the best possible way, and the surface is made of silky soft, phthalate free and neutral smelling silicone. Arioso 2There are two variations on offer: the first is the “Arioso rose” in pink, and the second is the ”Arioso viola“ in lilac. As well as this, the toy is also waterproof for fun and games in the bath. The entire toy is 13.7 centimetres in length and the mini-vibrator is 5.8 centimetres long. The vibrator also has a practical USB charging cable and the LED display runs on a battery. The package also contains a storage pouch, a lubricant tester, the battery for the remote and the USB cable, so the fun can start right away!

Arioso 2