Candy by Imtoy

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

Kegel balls are not just a sex toy, because they can also be used to train the muscles of the pelvic floor, preventing ailments such as incontinence and increasing the female sexual experience. With Candy, Imtoy has introduced a Kegel trainer that offers an innovative all-round package, which includes a training App with a discreet charging station with an integrated UV sterilisation unit. The imaginative packaging is also a real eye-catcher. The waterproof Kegel ball is made out of medical grade silicone, is skin friendly and carries no health risks. The stageless on/off switch is integrated and the retrieval strap is also made from the same medical grade silicone. In the core of the 33mm diameter toy is a very quiet vibration motor, which is controlled via the Candy App. The integrated pressure sensor also communicates with the App, delivering data with which the App can then measure and save the training intensity and pelvic floor development.


Candy case 1

High level App comfort

The Candy App is available free of charge with iOS and Android and apart from the wireless controls, the Candy also offers many informative functions and a variety of training rhythms. There are also 14 language variations available, which include English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch or Chinese. The data from the pressure sensor is displayed as a graph on the App. This enables one to view the progress in a quick and informative manner. The training exercises themselves can also be controlled and are supported in graphics via the App. Starting with beginner exercises, the intensity are increased and the vibration cycles varied in strength the longer one trains, until the advanced stage of the programme is achieved.

Super hygienic

Another special feature of the toy is its accessories. In a discreet white PVC box you will find the magnet charger for the toy and a UV light unit for hygienic cleansing. The necessary electricity is provided via a USB cable. The foot of the box is the basic unit. On the one side there is a magnetic cavity in the shape of the Kegel Ball, which is used to charge the toy, and then you just need to replace the cap and press the start button. If you turn the base around you will see a UV lamp and glass and a magnet contact for the toy. In order to clean the toy you just need to run it under cold water and allow it to dry. It is then placed on the glass, which thanks to the magnet keeps the Kegel Ball in place, and the cap that is mirrored on the inside attached. After the cleansing has been activated by pressing a button, the UV light ensures that more than 270 different kinds of bacteria are eliminated, providing one with a sterile toy. The Kegel trainer Candy is a convincing product with an innovative combination of technology and many detailed design features.


Candy case