Products in Focus

The world of erotic products is one of diversity and colour. Every kind of sexual enjoyment and every personal preference there is out there, there are numerous small, middle sized and large helpers on offer. But it is not always plain to see the functions of a product at a glance, and not every sex toy is self-explanatory.

In our rubric Products in Focus – “Dr. Margit SIGN explains the world of sex toys” – we take a closer look at a selected product. We provide a detailed review of the special characteristics, functions and features, revealing what the toy has to offer, especially when it is not obvious at first glance.

With every product in focus, we look forward to transforming puzzles and astonishment into fascination and enthusiasm. Our clear information presented in an understandable manner, also serves to provide buyers and sales personnel with helpful tips. This can be implemented to optimise the choice of products for their assortment and also customer consultation. As well as the current Product in Focus, we have also archived the previous Focus reports here for you.