Penomet Starts World Wide Distribution

Penomet, the premium Penis Pump System for men who want to enlarge their penis quickly and hassle free has moved from Limited Distribution to Full Global Sales as of next Friday.

“We are extremely happy with the reception the Penomet has had and especially the advanced Penomet System that includes so much more than just a pump” Mr. Agust Beaumont, Managing Director of UPL Distribution GmbH says. “The advantages over other pumps is mainly the Interchangable Gaiter System that allows the user to use one pump with multiple pressure settings, and thus, according to our in-house research for the past two years, gain length and girth more quickly than with traditional one-setting water pumps.

Penomet started pre-sale in the United States on 1st June 2012 and has been in limited sales according to Mr. Beaumont for the past three months, just in case there where some kinks to work out of this new invention before it hit the global market.

“We are happy to announce that as of this coming Friday September 21st, wholesalers can stock up the Penomet or the Penomet System on-line at our exclusive Wholesale Portal, and perhaps grab a thing or two with them along the way.  We are fully stocked and ready to ship out orders, but we do expect handling delays of 2-4 days in the beginning while the order volume is high.”

Penomet will ship to all EU and International destinations with free shipping on wholesale orders over 50 units in the EU.  “We are very happy to being able to offer our customers no-bullshit pricing policy with free shipping and tiered discounts based on quantity.  The Penomet Standard goes as low as 19.95 EUR in wholesale at its rock bottom wholesale price” Beaumont adds.

For any further information, you can contact Mr. Beaumont at or at +41 788 41 76 76