Octonome Chair

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN


The fact that the erotic industry introduces products that can be used in a number of ways during everyday life has been proven a number of times. Some vibrators can be used to massage both women and men, and the same also goes for sex furniture. An example of this kind of flexibility in usage is the new Octonome Chair from Dusedo, which is a BDSM accessory and seat at the same time. If you are looking for the right accessory play options for exciting foreplay or a BDSM session, the individual ”wish list“ can be almost endless. So for the consumer it is good that the market offers products that have multiple uses. An important and diverse role can be played by furniture, which can be used every day, but that have also been designed for a number of different sexual adventures – as is the case with the Octonome Chair from Dusedo.



Secure hold for wild games

It doesn’t matter if sex takes place without tools, with bondage accessories, electro-stimulation or other things – adventures require safety and a certain level of restraint. This is provided by the material of the Octonome Chair. Its metal feet stand sturdy on the floor and offer the person sitting on the seat, a number of different ways to hold on, thanks to various handles. Another type of hold is provided by clever design of the sex seat, which provides a great basis for new practices and experimentation. Those who enjoy bondage and BDSM for example have the chance to tie the submissive of the party to a number of different parts of the chair, and various adjustments, such as the distance between leg and feet holders can be easily taken care of. Basically this versatile seat has a number of options of allowing a sub to reach levels of lust and keeping the sub chaste.

Quality materials and a classy design

With the Octonome Chair from Dusedo, there are two aspects that immediately catch the eye – the sleek and timeless design in black and chrome and the quality of the workmanship and materials used. The handles are made of strong wood and are ergonomically shaped. The feet of the seat and the puffy, for the dominant sex partner, are made of metal and will remain balanced whatever happens on the sex stool.
The seating areas are padded with comfortable but not soft foam, and the cover is made of shiny PVC artificial leather. The seat for doms, subs or just for daily use is ergonomically shaped and because the back can be adjusted, is also very comfortable, even during longer sessions. All in all, the Octonome Chair, which is available from the Netherlands based wholesaler Dusedo, can be a practical and timeless addition to other pieces of designer furniture, and also a sexual playground in leather and metal.

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