New sexy face masks from Shots


13.01.2021 | Beneden Leeuwen, Netherlands – Put on your best face with our fashionable range of sexy, easy to wear face masks from Shots! Facemasks_Shots

Made from high-quality fabrics in different patterns and designs, they are perfect for matching to an outfit or brightening up your day. Just because you can’t show your face doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy! These superior cotton fabrics can be easily washed and reused, and they are sure to add a sexy statement to your wardrobe! They also give you a fun fashion accessory to keep in your bag or pocket for whenever you may need it.

The mask has been designed to give you a perfectly snug fit over the nose and under the chin. The nose piece contains a small metal thread that allows you to push the mask onto the bridge of your nose, making it a perfect fit for all. The ear straps are adjustable and will fit to most sizes.

The mask comes with 2 extra disposable filters for added protection, after use any regular filters will fit. If anyone gets close enough to question your kinky design, tell them they need to back off!

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