Net1on1 relocates to new premises for 2014

The new year has brought with it positive winds of change for Net1on1 Wholesale Ltd (formerly Net1on1 Ltd), as the once Luton-based distributor has not only gained a new address but also a completely new operational structure too!


With more than just a name change ringing in the New Year, CEO Dean Farebrother took the decision to shake up Net1on1‘s structure at the end of 2013 by dividing the trade and consumer sides of the business, allowing him time to focus more heavily on Retail operations. This exciting call to change has not been made alone, as newly appointed Managing Director, Tony Gonzalez will be tasked with heading up the trade operations from the separately located warehouse in West Sussex.


Although the move may come as a surprise to some, the transition itself is the first bold step in a proactive plan to breathe life into both sides of the business. What’s more, the dynamic duo are passionate about putting new protocols into place which will see service at both retail and trade levels become entirely more responsive, while in the meantime, customers can expect to be working with the same, award-winning team based from the new HQ based in St Albans.


Farebrother says of the choice to move,

“I’ve been running the business for over thirteen years now and have had many ideas to develop and better operations on both the trade and retail sides of the business. Unfortunately, these ideas have had to sit on the back burner while all of my time and efforts were invested into running this ever-growing beast as a whole. It soon became apparent as both sides of the business grew that I was going to need to change the way things were being run in order to grow positively and stay ahead of the game.


The industry has fast developed over the past few years and with it comes more than just providing a service or website, there are trends to monitor and adapt to, product to be developing and brands to be nurturing. To do this at both trade and consumer level was becoming a mammoth task so I made the decision to appoint Tony Gonzalez to head up the Wholesale and Dropshipping services while I concentrate on retail side of the business.”


Gonzalez also said of the change,

“I am really excited to be taking the reins of Net1on1 Wholesale Limited from Dean, helping him to realise his plans to develop the retail side of the business further. After working with Net1on1 for over five years, I am well rehearsed in how Dean works and sees the business progressing.


We seized the chance to make the transition over the Christmas holiday period, mindful to make the least amount of disruption to service as possible. We are aware there have been some teething issues, which are to be expected with a move of this magnitude, but that in the long run, we will be able to offer a higher level of service to our customers. We have also been extremely lucky to find a solution to our stock processing, making the move and partnership a perfect fit.”


Although the business will be separating into two halves, both with different company names, Farebrother will be in partnership with Gonzalez, utilizing the existing staff team across all platforms. Customers can now look forward to a steady stream of improvements to service as the year progresses.





Dean Farebrother and Tony Gonzalez would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused due to the move, and to reassure customers, clients and peers in the industry that business will be running as usual. We would like to thank those who have already shown support at this time of change and look forward to an exciting 2014 ahead.