Make friends with the Love Buddies


26.04.2017 | Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands – Which one is the most likeable: the dolphin, the rabbit, the turtle or the elephant? The Love Buddies make it cozy in your bedroom. These rabbit-vibrators are covered with silky smooth silicone and therefore odorless and completely waterproof. The two powerful motors guarantee hours of fun. The Love Buddies are available via Big Teaze Toys.

Silky smooth, powerful, safe for the body and, last but not least, pleasant to look at. The Love Buddies play with the female body with thLovebuddies_21x15cmeir two powerful engines, nine speeds and ten vibration rhythms up to 60 vibrations per second. Extensively tested by our own test panel and literally and figuratively very versatile. They come in four variations: the Blue Dolphin, Pink Rabbit, the Green Turtle or the Purple Elephant. The colors are inspired by the beauty industry and the packaging is derived from that of perfumes. These vibrators may best be seen.

The Love Buddies are fully covered with silky soft and hypoallergenic silicone and thereby completely waterproof. The material is odorless and is fast on temperature, which adds up to a pleasant experience. The Love Buddies are easy to clean with warm water and antibacterial soap. They are USB charged, making them easy to charge via the wall socket. Once charged, they go up to three hours. The vibrator is 23 cm long and has a diameter of nine centimetre.

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