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10.04.2017 | Stockholm, Sweden – Klittra of Sweden discovered a global phenomenon which they have created a innovation from. On female based websites and forums girls recommend each other to screw down a deodorant bottle, clean it and fill up with sex lubricant or warm water. The point is to roll the moisty and wet roll-on ball against clitoris which creates a great effect and is similar to oral sex.
The company also found many old attempts for patenting a deodorant sextoy bottle. But it´s not possible to create a hygienic roll-on ball that only leaks out liquid and doesn´t leaks in. Klittra of Sweden made a solution where the roll-on top can be screwed of and filled with lubricant. After use the top gets screwed of and cleaned with water. The product also has two levels of vibration and three different functions. 30 ml waterbased lubricant bottle is also included.

The product is also the first stimulator in the world that leaks lubricant regularly and females who suffers from vaginal dryness appreciates the product. It´s also a good opportunity for those who like to use different types of reparing, warming, cooling or other types of stimulating gel. And it´s also a fun innovation for couples.

Klittra of Sweden is going to launch in Europe soon. For more information, please visit www.klittraofsweden.com.