Joystick prostata “Booster Pro”

Hannover, Germany – The new, easy-to-clean and perfectly anatomically shaped prostate-stimulating vibrator from Joydivision is made of medical-grade Silikomed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. The “Booster Pro” is easy to insert and features three selectable levels of vibration for massaging the easily excited regions of the prostate and the perineum. The black Joystick Prostata Booster Pro features a 1-button intensity regulator,
making it easy to operate with a single finger, as well as powerful vibrations.
Thanks to the new, anatomically designed shaft and optimised motor position, the vibrations accurately target the curvature of the prostate. The massage profile integrated into the non-slip handle additionally stimulates the perineum. The motor is easy to remove for thorough washing. But that’s not all! As with all Joydivision vibrators, the motor operates off a single micro AAA battery. Expensive and hard-to-find button-cell or baby-cell batteries remain a thing of the past.
With Joydivision, quality comes first. That’s why the Joystick Prostata is made of medical-grade Silikomed® and has been dermatologically tested. This easy-to-clean love toy operates very quietly whilst providing stimulating, ecstatic, and long-lasting sensations. Free from hazardous materials and plasticisers, the Joystick Prostata provides men with unforgettable moments of pleasure in the usual Joydivision quality – made in Germany. The product comes with a high-quality pouch for discreet and hygienic storage. For further information please visit