Jessica Drake named 2018 XBIZ Awards host

Wicked Pictures

19.09.2017 | Los Angeles, California, USA — Exclusive. Elite. Erotic. This trinity of excellence defines Jessica Drake, for she stands unrivaled atop the highest echelons of adult entertainment, with triple-threat omnipotence. Sexpert. Superstar. Scholar.

Only she can command such majesty, such supreme charisma, with enough radiance to render all others as silhouettes. And so, she shall preside on that most elegant of stages, as host of the 2018 XBIZ Awards, presented by MyFreeCams.

Only a woman of such peerless prestige, such illustrious caliber, understands the potency of aligning with nothing less than the crème de la crème — faithfully cleaving to the patron artistry of her anointed studio Wicked Pictures and holding fast to the creative virtuosity of her beloved paramour Brad Armstrong.

And now, she will descend from the heavens to grace the biggest night in adult — where not one … not two, but three branches of the vibrant industry are annually decorated with hard-won trophies … where adult film wizards, digital media gurus, pleasure products masters and retail chiefs are showcased with equal fervor and class, rising above the rest in their highly-competitive fields.

“To be chosen to host the XBIZ Awards for the second time is truly an honor,” enthused Drake, who co-hosted the 2012 XBIZ Awards with Kayden Kross. “With every year that passes, I feel they raise the bar and set the standard for representing our industry higher and higher. I am proud to be a part of that, and I’m so excited to bring my perspective and personality to the show.”

And now, her stature is so monolithic, her shadow so horizon-spanning in its legendary vastness, that she will absolutely dominate the glitzy ballroom of the JW Marriott in L.A. Live, where the XBIZ Awards will make its triumphant return on Jan. 18.

“Thank you XBIZ for picking me, and as always I am forever grateful to Wicked Pictures for the ongoing support and encouragement,” Drake added. “I can’t wait to be on that stage!”

In her 20 years of adult stardom, the Texas native rose quickly through the ranks, from appearances on Playboy TV in the late 90s to Wicked Pictures contract stardom in the early 2000s. And along the way, she scored multiple XBIZ Awards, including Best Actress recognition and a Sexpert of the Year trophy.

As a compassionate advocate for sex workers and progressive principles, Drake has proven herself a formidable crusader and tireless champion. Whether she brandishes glistening lubricants from Wicked Sensuals, ignites amorous couples with her “Guide to Wicked Sex” series or unsheathes her firebrand personality in the political arena, Drake is a veritable force of nature.
And this year, she unfurled a metamorphosis of kaleidoscopic, identity-bending wonders in her groundbreaking “Jessica Drake Is Wicked” showcase, for which she granted XBIZ first dibs on exclusive access — to the all-star girl/girl orgy “Cirque du Sex” and the trans-formational avant-garde “Beauty” scenes.

“Jessica Drake stands alone in so many ways,” said Alec Helmy, founder and publisher of XBIZ. “Above all, she is a truly multi-faceted personality and brand who touches every segment of adult as does the XBIZ Awards show. So, naturally she was the ultimate choice for us and we are thrilled to have her return as host of our grandest event of the year.”

Edgy. Futuristic. Trendsetting. Just as Jessica Drake is Wicked, so too does she mirror the very ideals that define XBIZ. And who else, but she, possesses such weaponized beauty, such ribald glory, such queenly splendor? None. So it is, that when the international adult entertainment community gathers for the 2018 XBIZ Awards, they will bear witness not only to the most fiercely contested battle for merit-based prestige … they will marvel at one of the most divine human beings to ever bless this fine business, doing what she does best — beaming in the spotlight.