Intimate wellness indulgence with Cobeco Cosmetics at SCALA

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30.03.2018 | Wijchen, The Netherlands – Discover the fantastic Cobeco Cosmetics collection at SCALA now! This luxurious line of intimate wellness essentials allows consumers to maximize their potential in a nourishing, body-safe and indulgent way. Curious? Let us explain a bit more about this must-have range. Erotic drugstore doesn’t just limit itself to lubricants and arousal products: there is also an exciting segment of intimate wellness products that can truly indulge your consumers. One of our favourites from this product category is the Cobeco Cosmetics line: a collection formulated to enhance your erotic parts – such as the breasts and bum – in a body-safe, non-evasive and indulgent way.wk06_pb_SIGN_Cobeco_CCCosmetic_400x300

The Cobeco Cosmetics collection at SCALA offers four body-safe products to choose from. There are the Bust Booster Gel and Fabulous Breasts Cream: two natural enhancers for fuller, firmer breasts. The range also includes a Buttocks Lifting Gel: a firming gel that improves the flexibility of the skin; tightening up your derriere. Last, but not least, the Cobeco Cosmetics line at SCALA is completed by the Depilation Gel: a special gel that protects and nourishes the skin after hair removal – prevention irritation and making the skin feel smoother and sexier!

Discover the Cobeco Cosmetics range at SCALA today via and give your consumers the chance to enhance their natural assets with these quality drugstore essentials!