International Exhibition for +18 Industry will be held in Russia on April 03, 2021


30.03.2021 | Moscow, Russia – The company KAZANOVA 69 resumes international Exhibitions for +18 Industry oriented companies. They are happy to introduce first post-quarantine EROTECH 21 exhibition. It will be held in Moscow on April 03, 2021.

Within the framework of the event, master classes on products. As well as, they will showcase the “Hot&Today” products of the leading brands in our specific industry.

Attendees will be major brands as:

Womanizer, ArcWave, We-Vibe (Germany)
LoveHoney (United Kingdom)
Fleshlight (USA – Spain)
Nexus (UK)
JoyDivision (Germany)
Magic Motion (China)
KIIROO (Holland)
Super Caps (Russia)
Tenga (Japan)
YESforLOV (France)

The projects of KAZANOVA 69 will be granted a special position in the program»: “The Museum about THIS”

They will – as an extra to spice up – introduce the only Adult Coffee Shop in the world – “CAFFE18+”.

About 140 representatives of sales companies will take part in the annual exhibition.

Among the participants are companies from various Cities of Russia and the CIS.