Indulgent oral fun with System JO Gelato at SCALA

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24.08.2017 | Almere, The Netherlands – The JO Gelato collection is the perfect summertime indulgence for some delicious oral fun. These kissable, water-based lubes have tasty gelato-inspired flavor profiles that add a unique twist to your intimate oral pleasure. Discover all the sumptious flavors at SCALA now!

The amazing Gelato collection by System JO – inspired by the indulgent taste of Italian ice-cream – is ready to order at SCALA. This unique range of flavored, water-based lubes is the perfect accessory to a sizzling summertime romance: adding some delicious passion and glide to any intimate adventures. The Gelato collection will engage your smell and taste senses, creating an amazing multisensory experience that will keep you coming back for more…
SCALA stocks all 5 flavors in the System JO Gelato collection: Hazelnut Espresso, Mint Chocolate, Crème Brûlée, Tiramisu and Salted Caramel – all of which are now available in the 120ml version. The lubricant itself provides a long-lasting glide that doesn’t dry out or get tacky, plus is formulated of premium ingredients to ensure a comfortable, body-safe experience. To compliment the unique flavor profiles of the range, System JO has created an eye-catching, non-intimidating packaging for the collection, allowing for a mainstream in-store presentation. Our tip: place these delicious lubes on your counter, as they make excellent up-sell items to any purchase and have instant gift-appeal.

Discover the delicious Gelato range by System JO at SCALA today via and stock up on these summertime favorites now to offer your consumers the oral indulgence they deserve!