Imtoy Piu

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN


Interactive toys are a current trend that many manufacturers have already reacted to. This is also the case with Imtoy from the USA, who with the masturbator Piu, offer consumers and especially porn fans, the chance to immerse themselves in their favourite films. Users can download films online, manage their library via App and control the vibration patterns of the Piu as they wish. There are various preferences amongst the users of male masturbators. Some prefer simple sleeves and mechanical strokers without many technical features, and for others, the toy can’t have enough technology. That is exactly why the new Piu from Imtoy is a worthwhile product for the second group of consumers, because it offers numerous technical refinements, thanks to the App, such as synchronisation with film sequences and many modes of vibration.



Oral sex in many variations

Strokers that can simulate a well performed and lengthy blowjob are extremely popular on the male toy market. The Piu can boast a selection of patterns and vibration intensities, which can be controlled separately via two arrow buttons. The user on the other hand can concentrate on a constant vibration frequency from the first motor, and pulsating vibrations from the second, or they can combine both together – depending on what ever they fancy at the time. The waved texture of the inside and the tapered shape of the toy at the back, enforce the feel of a “real” deep-throat blowjob. This enables the user to experience a type of oral sex that is normally only known in porn films, but which they normally can’t enjoy in their regular relationships.

Interactive pleasure for him

Seem from a technology point of view, the compact Piu is a real winner, standing out not only because of the practical washable sleeve and the strong plastic covering that is easy to handle, but also through more technical features. For example, the masturbator can be connected with any modern Bluethooth compatible device and can be synchronised with media content such as music and film. Via the App, which can be downloaded and configured using any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, the user can create a personal library, which makes choosing the right film a lot easier. Those who wish their pleasure with Piu to be even more discreet than the toy and App already are, has every opportunity to ensure this. The automatic stroker comes in a high quality designed, discreet red-black packaging and with a matching storage pouch. Together with the App, every user is also given a four figure pass code, which offers access to their own personal account, enables them to add, adapt or delete content. The Piu from Imtoy is rechargeable und requires no batteries, making it more environmentally friendly. The easy to handle and ergonomic design and the minimal weight of the toy, make it a great travel companion.


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