Helix – The Ultimate Double Pleasure Set

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

Allowing your partner to seduce you with a sex toy whilst enjoying a romantic meal in a restaurant without anyone knowing the wiser, is a thrilling notion, and one which is now possible to bring to life with the new “Helix” vibrating egg from the TOYJOY Designer Edition. It is also quite easy to explain why these vibrating eggs, which are a current market trend, are so popular: vibro-eggs are small egg-shaped vibrators that can either be controlled via a smartphone or remote control. This not only makes them a perfect partner toy, it can also be used for lustful use alone. One of the main advantages is the separate control, which basically means that one doesn’t have to touch the toy itself to alter any settings. There are no troublesome button elements that you have to turn or bend over to reach with the hand. The vibro-egg is inserted completely into the vagina and pleasures from the inside, whilst the remote controls the intensity, rhythm and speed from the outside, for total freedom and relaxation.



Unbeatable duo

The Helix Ultimate Double Pleasure Set is made up of a vibro-egg with the corresponding remote control. Both are battery powered. The special feature of this product is the fact that it is not only the egg-shaped vibrator that vibrates, but also the remote unit, which can then be used as an external vibrator. The ergonomically shaped little egg vibrator, if inserted into the vagina, enables one to easily reach and stimulate the G-spot, whilst the vibrating hand-piece can be used to pleasure the clitoris or outer labia. The wide and rounded silicone band not only allows one to retrieve the egg easily, but also offers the option to develop more erotic games. It also prevents the egg from submerging too deep inside the body. The structured surface of the vibro-egg provides extra stimulation when inserting or removing it. But the best thing about this set is not just the double stimulation; it is the fact that both elements can be used independently from one another.

Practical and thrilling

The set is available in two colours – the first is a mild pink shade and there is also a light violet. The packaging is a stylish black, which fits in nicely with the rest of the TOYJOY assortment. Because of the small formats, the vibro-egg and controller can be stored discretely, and also easily transported. Both are made from body-friendly silicone and are waterproof. After use, the toy set is also simple to clean, using only lukewarm water and a mild soap or a special toy cleaner. Seven different vibration rhythms provide the enjoyment, and the remote and egg can either vibrate synchronised or separate from one another. The Ultimate Double Pleasure Set is great for couples that wish to give one another an erotic kick in public: the noticeably quiet vibro-egg pleasures her discreetly, whilst he plays with the controller.