GFF delivers James Deen in December

13.11.2014 | Los Angeles, California, USA – Prolific adult film star James Deen is partnering with Girlfriends Films. Beginning in December, an exclusive distribution deal will take effect, and Girlfriends Films will offer the entire James Deen Productions catalogue, as well as new releases, T-shirts, signature sex toys, and merchandise.

“I’m really excited to be working with Girlfriends Films,” says Deen. “Moose and Dan understand my vision and have offered a platform which will allow the James Deen brand to grow in all directions.”
The distribution deal allows deenDeen to increase his content on DVD and now release 3-4 movies per month. “We are currently producing around 20 scenes a month for,” states Deen. “I’m looking forward to the ability to make even more of the scenes available on DVD, so we can deliver the content to consumers preferring tangible goods, as well as the streaming audience.”
The move to Girlfriends Films will provide James Deen Productions with more visibility on an international level, spanning numerous delivery platforms. Girlfriends Films President Moose says, “James’ movies are completely unique to anything we distribute, and his brand is recognized worldwide. By offering everything James Deen in one place, we make it easy for domestic and international clients to give the line maximum exposure.”
“James has done a phenomenal job growing all aspects of his company,” adds Moose. “I want him to be able to focus on doing what he loves, like filming movies, while we take all the sales and marketing off his plate.”
logo In addition to stocking James Deen Productions’ library and releasing new titles, Girlfriends Films Distribution will also re-release Deen’s “Seven Sins” in an eight-disc DVD box set. A limited collector’s edition of the box set will also be offered, featuring high-end packaging and bonus gifts.
James Deen Productions was created to provide a platform for Deen’s vision of respectful, safe, and fun entertainment. The studio is constantly evolving and expanding along with its participants. This is accomplished through promoting the guiding principles of honesty, respect for boundaries, diversity, education, and acceptances. The motto James Deen Productions works to embody every day is “set the bar high, then jump over it.”
Retailers and distributors interested in pre-ordering James Deen Productions’ titles may contact David Diamond at Shipping begins in December 2014. For more information, visit