Gballs 2

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN


Pelvic floor health and strong muscles are important issues for health and lust conscious consumers. Apart from sexual wellness, the trend is now moving towards toys that can be controlled via an app. The new Gballs 2, designed and manufactured by Fun Toys, combines both advantages into vibrating kegel balls which react to pressure and measure progress digitally. The future is digital, even when it comes to sex toys, which is why remote controlled and toy apps are the current trend. This also applies to the pelvic floor training segment of the industry. With the Gballs 2, the British toy manufacturer Fun Toys has developed a kegel vibrator that can either be used on its own, or in combination with an app to control it – depending on the preference of the individual user.



Individual training

The intensity and level at which the Gballs 2 provides lustful pelvic floor raining for women, all depends on the way it is used and discretion of the user. It’s up to her to contract her muscles using the intensity of the vibrations. With a squeezing toy, such as the Gballs, the strong pressing and the demand on the muscles that need to be trained with powerful vibration, is “rewarded”. If the woman only carries the two connected silicone balls inside her, without actively tensing her pelvic muscles, there will be no training progress or lustful vibration of the toy. One thing that sets the Gballs 2 apart from other well-known squeezing toys on the market, is the “bio-feedback” technology. This means that the toy records and saves muscle contractions and training progress, which is a good motivation but also a good documentation.

With or without app

Kegel training is meant to be enjoyable and easy, with or without digital support. For those who wish to use their smartphones for training, and not just for surfing and making calls, there is the Magic App that can be downloaded for all new Android and iPhone versions, to be used as a “Personal Smart Coach”. This app has been designed to find individual training settings and to measure individual muscle fitness. Gballs users can choose between six standard training programme settings; each with four stages of difficulty. This means that the toy and App are suitable for both beginners and those more advanced. The integrated Smart Coach programme not only measures the progress of the training, but also offers tips for further successes. But even without the App, the USB chargeable, light and easy to handle toy has plenty of options for experiencing and enjoying “good vibrations” either during or outside of the workout times. With dimensions of only eight centimetres in length and three centimetres in diameter, this compact multi-talent is suitable for solo enjoyment or can be implemented into lovemaking with a partner.
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