Fist It Numbing and Fist It Extra Thick introduced

19.01.2015 | Beneden Leeuwen, The Netherlands – Shots Media introduces two new products; Fist It Numbing and Fist It Extra Thick. Sex play has now been made even more comfortable when these new Fist It products are applied to the skin. For the effortless insertion of small to larger objects, like fruits, hands and toys. Fist It Extra Thick feels creamy, and Fist It Numbing comfortably numbs sensitive areas. Fist It Numbing and Fist It Extra Thick are now in stock.

RS15110_PHA058-lprThe successful product introduction of Fist It Regular has shown a number of success drivers, including developing a differentiated product with a compelling value proposition; building in the voice-of-the-customer input. ‘Make Fist It more creamy!’ the response from the customer was heard. Therefore the already well-developed original sales hit, the Fist It Regular, has recently been differentiated into two spin-off products, namely Fist It Numbing and Fist It Extra Thick.
The product characteristics for the two new products were then formulated. The Fist It Numbing product properties are obvious. Its special composition diminishes the sensations that take place in the erogenous areas. And shortly numbs the skin’s sensitivity to sensual stimulation by influencing the receptor trafficking. Also a fresher minty scent was added to do away with nasty odours. The Fist It Extra Thick formulation offers a fuller consistency that gives a thick, creamy, feel.
The earlier Fist It Regular proved popular with consumers the first time round. For Fist It Numbing and Fist It Extra Thick early indications are that sales are also strong. According to The erotic wholesale company Shots Media, demand is high, with orders increasing on a monthly basis and ithe wholesaler has enough Fist It on hand to meet the popular demand. Find out more at the Shots Media Homepage.