F Machine Gigolo

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN


So-called “sex machines” are no longer the niche products of the market. Amongst the models that are available to the local erotic shops and online stores, you will find the F Machine Gigolo from Mister B. The thing that makes this model special is the fact that it can be totally adapted to meet with the needs of the user, in its alignment and also with the remote control option and it can also be combined with many dildos.
Sex machines with interchangeable and attachable dildos are becoming increasingly popular throughout the market, not least because of their practical and almost fully automatic usage. A continuous and intensive penetration is created mechanically, for as long and intensive as the user wishes. Meanwhile there are a number of models on the market, and Sign Magazine took a closer look at the F Machine Gigolo from Mister B.



Stability is a must

Such a mechanically comprehensive construction such as that of a sex machine needs to be especially robust and strong, in order to prevent accidents and malfunctions during use. Mister B has placed a great deal of emphasis on quality with their F Machine Gigolo, which is something that customers have come to expect from the manufacturer. The machine has a stable and slip-free stand framework and is made of robust but not too heavy aluminium. At the same time, the casing in which the thrusting element is housed, is flexible in its angle and can be adjusted to another height – depending in what position the user wishes to enjoy the thrusts of the machine. The thrusting unit itself is made from a slim but strong aluminium pole, which can stand up to higher resistance and a faster thrusting frequency.

Technically sophisticated

The second component, which is important with such a machine, is the technology. With the F Machine it is mainly the almost silent rotation mechanism on the inside, which keeps the thrusting pole with the attached dildo moving. This means that the F Machine can satisfy without noise pollution. The motor generates 60 Watt of power. Another technical refinement enables the user or the dominant partner in BDSM play, can determine the thrusting frequency and intensity via remote control. This can turn every session with the F Machine into a surprise – sometimes thrillingly slow and sometimes a little wilder. Exact CNC-machined parts make the mechanics run as smooth as they do – Mister B received a CE-certificate for the functionality of the product. Apart from the flexible controls and usage options, the F Machine also has another technical plus; and that is, it is combinable with every Vac-U-Lock Dildo, which are mainly available from the American toy manufacturer Doc Johnson. The products comes in a set that includes a dildo adapter, plug socket adapter for Europe and Great Britain and a dildo in a branded package, and all this comes in a neutral box.
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