CB-6000 Gold Edition

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN


It is not only BDSM beginners that turn to chastity devices for men, vanilla couples increasingly enjoy using penis cages and other chastity devices for boosting their desire. The new CB-6000 Gold from the Designer Edition by CB-X Male Chastity, has been created to preserve male lust in a “gilded cage” for those more special moments. Abstinence is known to be one of the oldest and most effective ways of increasing sexual lust, and to turn it into something special. Apart from that, and not only in BDSM circles, it is also a significant show of trust, to place the power over ones own desire in the form of a symbolic key, in the hands of the partner. Something that others may include in foreplay or on an evening out may be a part of every day living for other couples. The penis cages from CB-X, such as the new CB-6000 Gold Edition, have been created to cater to every possible preference of the wearer and also timeframes.



Secure fit without sharp edges

When it comes to products that are used in the most intimate and sensitive of areas, user safety has top priority. The penis cages from the CB-X collection have all been made of plastics with rounded edges, in order to prevent them cutting into the penis or scrotum. A secure fit without any injuries is ensured by an individually constructible assembly set, consisting of numerous parts, which means that the rings, locks and the cage itself can be fitted to the anatomy of the wearer. The CB-6000 Gold is easy to clean, as is the case with all of the models from the CB-X assortment, has an opening in the front for urination and in case of an emergency, it can be removed with just a few simple steps.

Various sizes and designs

The fact that there are differing penis sizes means that there are different cage models and ring diameters that can be obtained from CB-X Male Chastity. The standard choice includes two sizes, which are the CB-6000 and the CB-6000S. The regular edition has a length of about eight centimetres and a diameter of 3.5 centimetres, while the model “S” is six centimetres long and the diameter at the shaft opening is also 3.5 centimetres. Both models come in a set with five rings, a steel lock and key and a total of five numbered plastic locks. The plastic locks are mostly included so that the penis cage can be worn during travelling, without activating metal detectors at airports. The whole thing can be transported discreetly in a small, black transport pouch, which will not reveal what is inside. One special feature of the CB-6000 Gold is, as the name already suggests, the golden finish. This accessory is the latest Cock Cage model from the CB-6000 Designer Edition. Every finish is completed by hand, which make each product individual. Other editions from the series are chrome, wood and camouflage, which look great when presented together with the CB 6000 Gold in stores.
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