California Exotic Novelties unleashes Vivid Raw

19.11.2014 | Los Angeles, California, USA – California Exotic Novelties joined forces with Vivid, the adult entertainment leader, to create Vivid Raw. The highly-anticipated products are ready to roll. Seen for the first time at the ANME Show in July, the Vivid Raw Collection grabbed everyone’s attention with its lifelike Pure Skin Material, unprecedented one-year warranty, consumer-focused features, and the gorgeous Super Model doll.

Susan Colvin, President and CEO of California Exotic Novelties, says, “We teamed up with Vivid to create this incredible array of products for men. The Super Model is gorgeous with long blond hair and legs that go all the way down to there. She’s beautiful! All the products are to die-for. Vivid Raw is getting rave reviews and we know it’s going to be a huge hit for retailers.”
To promote Vivid Raw, especially the highly-popular Super Model doll, California Exotic Novelties and Vivid teamed up to produce The Super Model Date Video. It’s a fun look at what a date with the doll would be like. Austin Ferdinand, Executive Account Manager for California Exotic Novelties, came up with the concept. The creative minds at both companies collaborated with Hank Hoffman, who directed the viral video. Ferdinand says, “The video is a hilarious look at a guy on a date with the doll. It really makes the fantasy come to life and it’s done in a tongue-in-cheek style. People love watching it because it’s laugh-out-loud funny! It’s great to use as a promotional tool on the internet, play on store monitors, and to share with friends on social media.”
In addition to the Super Model doll, the Vivid Raw Collection consists of Love Dolls, Party Dolls, Lifelike Pieces and Handheld Strokers. There are 24 items in all, and they come in a range of price points to offer something for everyone. The Vivid Raw Collection uses Pure Skin material. Consumers are invited to feel the difference this lifelike, and incredibly durable, material makes. It is so durable in fact, that California Exotic Novelties offers a one year warranty on all Vivid Raw products. This guarantee shows how strongly the company stands behind the quality of the Vivid Raw Collection.
Inside and out, Vivid Raw products feel lifelike. Once inside, men will understand how authentically Vivid Raw toys replicate the anatomy of a real woman. There are plenty of special features so consumers are guaranteed to find the perfect new friend. Unique attributes include toys with an anatomically correct G-spot, with included stimulators for vibrations, with heating rods to make the experience hotter, and much more.
For details on Vivid Raw promotional material and The Super Model Date Video, contact your California Exotic Novelties representative. Additionally, California Exotic Novelties offers free Visual Merchandising Plans to help retailers create the perfect Vivid Raw store display. For more information, visit Product Information under the Download section on